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How do I password my server?

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  • How do I password my server?

    I know I can put a password by changing GamePassword in my ini file or by putting ?GamePassword=password in the command line when I start it...

    What I want to know is how to put a password while I am playing inside the server and I am logged in as a server administrator...
    I know in quake I would go "rcon set password whateveriwant"

    In UT I have to do "admin ??????????????????????????????????????"

    Someone care to help? I tried googling but they dont tell it anywhere...They don't even tell how to change a var during the game, its just dumb...I tried "admin set gamepassword whateveriwant" but it does not work...
    This thing really is not clear.

    [Edit:Added] Also, for less lag, what should I set MaxClientRate and MaxInternetClientRate to?

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      admin set engine.accesscontrol gamepassword <new password>


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        Omega...I did read your does not say anything about putting password with admin status...
        Thank you.

        Also, for less lag, what should I set MaxClientRate and MaxInternetClientRate to?

        Also, Is there a way to save a current game to lets say slot #5 even if slot #2 was selected when server started?


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          actually, it looks like the engine won't allow you to set game password while in progress.


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            Angel-of-sIX, sorry about that, I should have read the entire post but I was in a bit of a hurry.
            ragzilla is right I think. Not possible in an existing game. (Maybe via the webadmin but I can't test it right now.)


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              I just tried ragzilla's command and it works
              yay thx...
              Can you answer the rest of my questions plz? :]


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                it worked? are you running server from in game? or an external/standalone dedicated server?


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                  Hence the dangers of not R'ing your own FM before posting RTFM!

                  /What? Reading the friendly manual is a good idea anyway
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                    It works while I'm logged in as server administrator on a dedicated server that is on another PC