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Oh No Im On Fire?!?!

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  • Oh No Im On Fire?!?!

    Ever have this happen to you? your strolling along minding your own and WAP someone hits you with the flame thrower and oh no! you have an ammo bag too!!!!!! NP!!!! start doing small fast circles around your characters running around like a maniac might add to helping put out the fire. If succefully dont this 4 times and only took a SMALL ammount of damage 2 of the times i had an ammo bag on.. it didnt blow up! =D but it did disapear....

    I dont think a single person other then the devs knew that =P

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    Were you playing on easy?....


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      When I get hit with the flamethrower, I don't even have time to run around.


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        Been playing on normal or higher then Almost instant ammo bag explosion


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          accually no easy is well.. to easy.. me and my buddys play on hard or insane, dunno what ta say it worked for me many times.. to the point where i can relay on the fact i can putmyself out =P


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            Umm I just tried this about 8 times with friends with each of the types of characters and I still take a lot of damage. Did you pay attention to the characteryou might have had on at the time? Was it campaign mode?

            I'm seriously betting you got the guys that have the heat resistant armor from having a high explosives Attribute...

            EDIT: ok I see what you did now. If your far away from the blast, and you run away your take about || much dmg. If you get caught in the middle of it your screwed. I think its a cone damage math thing. Being inside the center will hurt you more then being at the end. So moving away will decrease the damage a lot... I'm not sure if this find is a good tip to be applied or just dumb luck, cause so far it only works if your not in the center of the blast...

            EditEdit: omfg... it really does work, running around from the DoT blast when your on fire ONLY in a tight circle stops the dot dmg... wow...
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              Did southpark teach you nothing?

              they did show that it doesnt _always_ work with lava, but most of the time it did.


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                its just duck and cover
                they dont even bother rolling :p


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                  maybe a dev would like to comment on this? its not like i just made this up ive successfully done it.. and i wasnt ussing any explosives class... it was wolfe with 2 extra points into health.. thats it.. i dunno it worked for me enough that i posted it on here.. i wouldnt have posted it if it didnt work for me.


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                    Knight, thanks for the correction ;p