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  • Typical n00b post: ideas!

    Woo, i hear you say. yet another n00b posting about which weapons should be in the mod. However, if you're still posting in this thread despite the title, then you don't really have a right to flame
    NB: AS seems to be primarily based on the Aliens universe, so I'll be drawing from that for a lot of these ideas in the vain hope of gaining credibility...
    Rifle grenades: a little variety perhaps. the Aliens Tech manual notes several different types of grenade available for the pulse rifle, including buckshot, incendiary, flare and richochet grenades. Making these available could spice things up, but would make class specific weapons (especially the inc.grenade) a little less specialised, bringing me to my next point
    Demolitions. Considering his specific weapons and equipment, he might as well be called the Arsonist class. More demo specific weaponary would help here i.e. claymore mines, shaped warheads to take out shootable doors, satchel charges etc. I'm not saying lose the shotty though, because having a shotgun for the 'engineer' type class is compulsory, and is in fact a little known law of reality. However, if the above rifle grenade changes steal the incendiary grenade, give the guy an armour piercing slug as a secondary option. low ROF, but fires like a railgun and does higher damage to hard targets.
    Thirdly, how about an Arsonist class. If Demo loses the firemines, give them to the Piromaniac <==Not a spelling mistake, just my style of play and make the flamer a class specific weapon. Alternatively ditch the firemines completely and give flamers a secondary fire to spray fuel around for the firewall effect (or spray one area continually and then spark it up when the bugs come calling). Either way, if someone takes that class (Call it 'Close Support or something equally inane) you know who to aim at if the TK's start racking up
    Point the forth is a simple weapon idea. The continuation Aliens novels (Earth Hive, Nightmare asylum) make mention of a plamsa rifle, high damage, low ROF. In AS terms, a charge up energy weapon that can funtion as a normal rifle with a slower ROF, or can be charged on secondary to fire a large energy blast for corrdor clearance (possibly make the weapon overheat to balance things out)
    Lastly, mapping ideas. Since the teams can be split up at the start, have one team placed in the command area, holding off bugs so the hacker can unlock doors and activate turrets for the other team, who can be making their way further into the complex for the main objective
    (a note on hacking. how about making the hacking more of a skill based system ala system shock, rather than have the scrolling bar. naturally if you're a tech, the puzzle is easier and the hack tool makes things very easy)
    That's me done. Luckily, this post comes complete with a level 5 special skill in 'Demolitions' and thus is completely flame retardant...night night
    I have no mapping, coding or scripting knowledge. I am merely a player of games. My purpose on these forums is to throw out random ideas produced by my warp-fethed brain in the vain hope that someone more talented can realise my dream

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    Typical n00b post reply:
    Who do you think you are? Coming here all high-n-might with yer bloody improvement tips and popcorn...

    Ooh, popcorn... Mmm. Now lemme actually read what the post was about.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      Ahh... ok.

      The reason demo experts are more like arsonists is cos long lasting walls of fire are generally better for killing aliens than a quick explosion. Opening closed doors with explosives... well that sounds fun, but since there are already techs and welders.

      Lemme put it this way:
      You can't require a demo expert to complete a mission (since you may not have one alive)
      -> Opening doors with explosives would have to be the secondary effect of explosives
      -> The primary effect of explosives would have to be something useful. Currently, piromines do a better job in this.

      As for plasma guns. Well, maybe it's just me, but I still like to see old-fashioned projectile weapons rather than Star Trek scifi weapons. Plasma and laser guns just don't seem... gritty enough.

      Screw the tech manual. :p

      Tech minigame? Hm. That sounds pretty cool.
      Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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        PUT THE POPCORN DOWN...I'm trying to choke myself with's either that or watch Harry Potter till my eyes bleed
        I have no mapping, coding or scripting knowledge. I am merely a player of games. My purpose on these forums is to throw out random ideas produced by my warp-fethed brain in the vain hope that someone more talented can realise my dream


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          Different flavours of rifle grenades might work if someone can think of some viable alternatives - the slug option is cool, but they're pretty well balanced as they are now, I think.

          The hacking idea is also a nice one - on the other hand, there are already too many n00b techies about who love spraying their P-rifles around but don't know how/where to hack, so puzzle elements might just complicate matters...


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            There are some thoughts on kitting out the explosives experts with actual explosives in the "Satchel Charges" thread.
            One idea was that they could be used to blow mapper-specified piles of junk/weak wall sections away, opening up extra routes.
            Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!


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              Remote detonated explosives can become an interesting option, but I can understand why it got left out: there's already door opening by hacking, hitting a specific switch, welding open/close, and shooting at it. That means opening doorsby skill/puzzle/item/force are all covered, and additional ways of opening a door is pretty redundent. Good game designers tend to take redundent methods of play out of the game to keep the game nice and clean.

              As for the rifle grenades, the ones that I've seen basically all act in similar ways, with the stun grenade being the most useful, the standard grenade second, and the incin grenade close to being useless (it usually bounces out of the player's view so you have no idea what you're hitting, not to mention that it bounces BACK half of the time...). I don't even use them, and I rarely see others use them. I don't believe that letting people have custom grenade options will make that much of a difference.

              Having chargable energy weapons is an interesting thought, but it doesn't seem to fit anyone's need - Autogunners already got this high powered gun (and a gun any more powerful will break the balance), the explosive experts shouldn't become autogunner clones; the tech and medic classes are too weak and shouldn't be carrying heavy weapons. So that argument leaves most weapon additions out of the game unless you're adding new, unique player classes.


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                The Tech minigame idea is VERY cool...I like it


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                  why do you need satchel charges to blow open doors when you can do it with 2 or less assault shotgun clips?
                  its not like you need all that ammo anyway if you r doing teamwork
                  cause then the team should be advancing fairly quick and finish the level without having ammo problems.
                  besides, hackers can hack some doors open and when the doors are sealed there is ALWAYS another way. sometimes even just as long as past the sealed doors (observation right side for example)

                  not going into further detail about all the other points
                  starting to think its a useless battle


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                    heh satchel charges that idea sounds familiar...

                    but i think satchel charges would be best used for maybe caved in hallways or blasting walls.. or maybe there could be some doors like VAULTS that need to be blasted open..but primarily id think satchel charges would be best blowing up a wall or some over sized door. maybe you have to blow a hole into the ground? meh it would be all up to the mappers imagination i dont think they would need to replace the mines at all.. the mines are still very usefull..