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Fixing up my settings

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  • Fixing up my settings

    I just wanted to ask about what settings are usefull and or necessary to get as much out of AS as my computer will permit...So my questions are:

    Out of the following things what should be turned on and what doesn't need to be turned on: Decals, Dynamic lighting, Coronas, Trilinear Filtering and Projectors.

    Thanks in advance, the mighty tin CAN

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    You certainly want projectors, or the flashlight won't have any visible effect. Dynamic lighting is, I think, required for flares. Decals will be blood splats and scorchmarks (probably), but I don't know what else the AS team might have used them for. Coronas and Trilinear Filtering are just chrome and can be turned off if you want (but lightbulbs themselves will look a lot less bright without coronas).
    Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!