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  • map list?

    hey guys i downloaded some maps from the forums but im still missing some.

    reactorcore seems pretty popular but i cant find it. any help would be appreciated in finding the most played maps. thx in advance.

    please forgive my ignorance. it seems being a noob is looked down upon in this community. "Flauschi" from the IRC channel wanted to ban me because I asked where I could download maps because I can't find the ones that seem to be played alot on the forums.

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    ok apparently i have reactorCore in my c:\ut2004\alienswarm\maps folder. but i cant play any of these maps online? im using the in-game browser. i was told ASE causes this problem but im not using it at all for this game.

    what's going on? it tries to DL maps i already have.


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      Reactor Core is the first mission you'll play in Alien Swarm's campaign mode. I have no problem playing it as part of a campaign, but I do get a "file needs downloading" screen when I try to join it as a single map scenario. Maybe that's a bug that needs to be addressed?


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        if u are joining a server it cud be that that server has an older version of AS
        the WU empire wil crush SHU and WEI
        and then the world wil END, and it will all be under my command,.... whuahahahahaha


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          Which file does it try to download, jamus?


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            well, it is trying to download AO_miscIcons, and the maps that I already have like ReactorCore.

            Dusker this is getting extremely frustrating. I really want to play your game online but these setbacks are getting me down. i hope im the only noob going thru this.


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              It sounds like you're not patched


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                Have you activated the Alien Swarm mod from the Community menu first? (Or used the Alien Swarm shortcut to launch the game?)
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