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Retain roster selection across campaign missions

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  • Retain roster selection across campaign missions

    If, after restarting a/proceeding to a new map, the player/character assignments were kept, I think it could help in several ways:
    • Reduces the time spent setting up AGAIN after the 32,767th attempt at a mission, becuase the 5/5/5/5 character exploded in a shower of parasites.
    • Prevents newly joined players from 'stealing' characters that other players have spent time building up the stats of.
    • If proceeding, and that character died, the assignment wouldn't be kept. So players who get killed also suffer a chance that someone else will take over (you can't select a dead character, anyway).

    I see two possible drawbacks:
    • It might be a pain to code: needs to allow for the fact that players might quit/crash during the load, and make sure it's not trying to reassign a character to a player who left.
    • Might lead to people 'hogging' characters, when they're doing a really bad job of playing them. This could be chronic if n00bs take both medics, refuse to budge, and kickvotes fail.

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    Drawback 1 probably isn't a problem. It's fairly easy to program a server to remember these things (having done something similar before).
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      On a similar thought, how about if the leader can deassign a marine from a player that is hogging an important part (both medics won't heal) and they can't pick that marine again for 10 seconds or so.

      The possibility for abuse is there in spades, but there's also a vote to change leader, and there's apparently a command for the admin of a listen server to make himself the leader as well, countering this.

      If there's any opinion, maybe something could work out - I said before that trying new marines is one thing, but if a noob takes the 5/5/5/5 Wildcat or Wolfe and continuously dies 30 seconds in, then something needs to be done.


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        Jeah, maybe it would be a good idea to let the leader assign marines instead of letting people choose them.

        However if people are forced to play a marine they don't want to play, that could be a problem...


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          Letting the leader kick someone off a marine would be useful. Some players have a habit of joining a server and stealing the developed marines from the decent players who have been keeping them alive.


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            Keeping assignments feels like a leader option, as is kicking someone off a position. Just in case that the leader might become 'overpowered', you might consider these leader options an admin option.

            I'm feeling pretty insecure right now...


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              If being leader becomes as important as this, it is also important for it to carry over better. Right now, the leader status often changes between maps and has to be re-voted if you get a noob leader (Yes, it can happen, even when the only options are revive marines, difficulty, and start mission)


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                keep roster

                (sorry for my bad english)

                There is an actual problem with the workflow inside the game.

                On low end PCآ´s like mine there is a problem that should be considered becouse i bet i am not the only one out there with low end pcآ´s.

                When a mission is completed and in the case of that mission being repeated, my pc takes about a minute tu load the new map, that means that when i get inside the roster menu, i see my old roster taken by someone else, its good that most of the ppl returns the character, but is very frustrating.

                Second case: the mission gets completed, and next mission is being loaded, the LOBBY loads up and by when my PC loads up the LOBBY, you guys already are in the roster menu of the next mission, this makes the server drop my connection and i am forced to type at the console: reconnect, everytime that happens.

                Also try to be patient and wait for ppl to load the mission, we love the game and we dont have money to spend on a new lapto to catch you guys up.

                Very frustrating to wait a minute, sometimes 2 just to get into the mission and see that they just started it up.

                I know you like to hurry up and not waste time, thats the reason you upgraded, just try to be patient.




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                  No offense, but no one is going to have the patience to wait for you just because you have inferior hardware, especially considering the number of times that missions get restarted. UT2K4 demands a mid-range to top of the line machine, especially with all the new mods coming out. If you want a smaller boost in load times, I'd recommend getting more RAM. You should be able to replace/upgrade the RAM on your PC to 512 MB at the very least. Low memory is basically what sets you back from loading faster, RAM is cheaper than ever and it's also easy to install. It's amazing how far 50-80 bucks will go.

                  This does bring up an idea of mine. Considering the number of times that missions get restarted, and the likelihood that all marines will keep their loadouts - how about making a leader option to restart w/ the same loadout? This will bypass the roster screen and allow us to jump right into the mission immediately? Naturally there are drawbacks to this when the server isn't full since new players can't join in. But maybe implement this only when the server is full or give a 10-15 second grace period where new players can spawn in the mission area after choosing currently unused characters. Just thinking out loud.
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                    Originally posted by Spanky
                    No offense, but no one is going to have the patience to wait for you just because you have inferior hardware
                    I wait. On the Campaign-Lobby I leave it until I see everyone who I know is playing has connected, of course a lot of people just do it before me instead. On the roster screen, when I am leader I wait until everyone has connected again because I know who is playing.

                    With the character stealing, if I join a campaign half way through I let everyone select their characters before I select mine. But if people take a character, four times out of five they give it back because they didn't realise. It's only occasionally you get the people who refuse, and hopefully your team will support you and kick them.

                    The retain roster selection is a good idea, because if you carry on playing you are going to select your character again, it just save you doing it.


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                      Your idea there is good.

                      Pass directly to the game instead of the roster screen will help low end pcآ´s owners a lot.

                      I have the system requirements that the box has printed on the side.


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                        I don't mind waiting. It's quite convenient sometimes. Go get a coke or something.


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                          I doubt you can maintain roster selection, how does the game know if a player is going to carry on? Do you want the game to reserve Crash for a player who disconnected during the restart?
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                            What you do is you allow people to take Crash, but if the last person to use him reconnects then that person gains control of crash and the other person loses control.
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                              What if its a Lamer who got kicked?
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