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Retain roster selection across campaign missions

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    Well, then you make it so it forgets him. Or you could have it remember he was kicked and keep him out for the next game.
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      Originally posted by immortius
      What you do is you allow people to take Crash, but if the last person to use him reconnects then that person gains control of crash and the other person loses control.
      Bad idea. Say I like Crash most and Faith second, I see Crash is available and so take him, while someone else now takes Faith. I carefully prepare my loadout... suddenly someone connects, Crash is taken away from me, half the roster is now gone because my selection is no longer valid.

      Couldn't imagine anything that would put me off playing more.

      What I *do* see working is someone getting their character and loadout automatically assigned again IF no one else has selected that character yet. It seems the only workable way of doing it to me.
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        Well perhaps you shouldn't be stealing crash off this other person?

        That's the point isn't it, to stop people taking control of the marine you are using while you are loading? This person won't be "suddenly connecting", they'll have been playing for at least the last game, and possibly longer. And you just heartlessly took his marine. Bad Quitch.

        Just to clarify, if crash wasn't used by anyone last game then he would be set as unallocated - you don't have the server remember the person who used crash 5 games ago.

        And I should point out that technically all players disconnect from a server on a map change.
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          Okay, how bout printing the name of the last person to use a character over the portrait, and allowing that person to boot anyone who takes it once they connect?


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            Getting kinda personal isn't it? Firstsies to the extreme
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              LOL I see what you're saying; its actually frustrating when you join a server and the only availible characters are 1-star and its the last mission, so it cuts both ways