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    Hmm well I was wondering if anyone might wana make a map where half of the team starts on other side and other but no aliens and the goal is to kill each others team or maybe a sort of capture the flag. The idea came to me when a few people I was playign witht he otehr day got bored and we played TDM in barracks it was pretty fun.

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    Haha I was there
    Best map to play team deathmatch is WeaponFacility where each team can start in a different hacking room...

    BTW If you wanna try it normal difficulty is best for team deathmatch because easy medics are invincible or almost and hard/insane its all one hit kills...


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      been there done that. weapon facility is good
      Tip 1: use sentry as a stair case
      Tip 2: walk on active mines so when alien gets near you, they burn


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        I wish there would be that option in future releases of AS.

        Adding some aliens into the team deathmatch brings a 3rd element that
        can change the luck of any team.

        Algo would be good to have random team spawm at the start so you never know where the enemy is or is comming from.


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          Tell us more, what would you like to see in a TDM mode of AS?


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            Team deathmatch: Well just two teams on different sides of maps and respawn area for each team that are protected...make it so there are a few paths from start A to start B...
            You respawn when you die and it gives 1 point to enemy team...
            first team to reach x number of points wins...

            Team survival: Eachs team starts on different sides of map and first team completely eliminated loses...make it so there are a few paths from start A to start B...
            It works by rounds...firt team to win x number of rounds wins...

            Deathmatch: Big map with random spawn locations, you respawn when you die and first person to have x number of kills wins...

            CTF: you have to take enemy flag and bring it to your base...your flag must be home to capture...if you die, you respawn randomly somewhere in YOUR half of the map..just like normal ctf...

            double domination sux so dont even bother asking if anyone would wanna see it...

            Assault: You could also make Assault-like maps, it's close to the current objectives system in AS and all that stuff...

            Coop VS: X number of player-controlled marines vs X number of player-controlled strong aliens and maybe some ai-controlled weaker ones...
            Aliens have objectives, Marines have objectives...
            First team to complete their objectives win...
            Objectives for one team are opposite for another team...for example open one switch and the other team would have to close the switch...That's where you could introduce the concept of smart aliens like in starship troopers...

            You could also recreate basically every VS game type but with marines vs aliens instead of marines vs marines...

            Just a few ideas...


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              I dont like fixed positions becouse that means spawm rush, you would know where the enemy base and rush, but if you knew that the enemy group could be ANYWHERE,maybe next room, that would make you move slower. (The whole team would spawm at the same location, just that it would be in a random position)

              I would make it a Last Man standing mode.

              This game type would make the game very team oriented, on your own you would not last a minute.

              You could also maintain the damage as high as possible, to maintain reality, that way it wont take much bullets to kill a player.

              Maybe some explosion mines so you could secure an area or the ability to add sensors around the map, that way you would know where the enemy is moving.

              I would like to see clans to get organized, set a perimeter inside the maps, send a teammate to detect enemy perimeters and organize a well thinked attack, if things go wrong make a retreat to your base.

              Maybe the enemy detected your base and you would need to relocate the perimeter, disarm the turrets and move them to a new position.

              CTF is also an option, but with out fixed positions, make it that some teammate could carry the flag to a new position, and set a new base to protect it.

              You could also fake a base where enemy think the flag is.

              Maybe when killed your leader would have 5 respawm chances, and he would decide who to respawm, maybe what they need is a tech, this algo gives the leader a more Learder Meaning.

              Keeping the need for a tech or a welder is good, that way if you are organizing an attack you could need un onseal a few doors, or hack a few systems to move quicker.

              IMO, still having aliens around is a good idea, would bring another factor into the game, that way you need to think again for your resources and movements.

              Turrets could be destroyed with granade launcher make the reach of the turret fixed so there can be a way to attack it
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                Originally posted by DusKer
                Tell us more, what would you like to see in a TDM mode of AS?
                A TDM mode that's not just regular UT2004 with a different perspective and inventory. Make sure techs can hack/seal and there's use for mines and sentries.

                It shouldn't be fast paced. It should be tactical, like AS is/can be.
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                  If there were Alien Verses Human modes . with players playing both sides
                  It would be cool to have players playing as Aliens Take a first person view , so that they are less coordinated ,
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                    Another one...

                    a dead leader will result in lost of priviledgles like, Loosing the chances fo respawm teamates, or loosing the ability to move the flag from place, or some sort of communication problem or radar loss.

                    the enemy team would not know of your disadvantage, they would think they jsut killed a normal guy, Leadership can be passed to teammates but not after death.


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                      Spawn camping can be easly defeated by having 2 turrnets with infinte ammo guardding spawn on a tdm match or whatever.

                      Another cool mode could be Survivor mode which is everyone starts out as marine but when 1 person dies he turns into alien and everyone has to survive for lets say 5 mins but when you die you turn in into alien and try to hunt the humans down until the last standing human which wins as the survivor.


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                        You guys want deathmatch? Here it is

                        [Warning: No game mode // just a map to play deathmatch at... without any aliens]

                        Have fun.

                        Download AO-DM-Antagonism Tiny map, just play TK and you're fine


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                          cool ill go try that out.


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                            I'd love to see a few things in TDM in AS:

                            First off, no respawns. Respawns would take out some of the strategy involved in Alien swarm, as well as much of the co-op feel of it. Even if they were protected to prevent spawn camping, there would still be a place that the enemy would lie in wait to frag someone. normal deathmatch with random spawns would not really work in AS as much of the focus is on teamwork (and should continue to be).

                            Second, I think that TDM should be limited to marines vs marines vs alien bots ... Aliens vs marines could be implemented in a different gameplay mode, but marine TDM where you also have to keep the aliens from killing you is incredibly fun. (Try barracks TDM)

                            One way to keep strategy inside the game is to have doors/rooms/turrets that could be hacked or welded. Of course, a turret that attacks players would be most unfair, but one that helps defend against the oh-so-needed alien aspect of multiplayer would be awesome. Sentry guns would only shoot aliens as well, but these can be really helpful in watching your team's back from aliens.

                            An option to lock a set of weapons for each class, i.e. explosives get autoshotty, ammo, and mines (no rifle - autoshotty + rifle = pwnage in tdm), autogunner gets autogun, shotty, pistol, medic gets rifle, medpack, personal medpack and hacker gets p-rifle, sentry, welder. This would have to be an OPTION on servers or to be voted on by players. A lot of fun can be had with forced-class games, but just as much can be had with anything-goes (in the limits of the defined classes) games. also, I've hosted a few games where everyone is only allowed the sentry gun, ammo bag, and pistol, and it was a BLASt (also tried flamer, ammo bag, and personal medkit). Some way to implement different weapon settings through votes would be really nice.

                            A quicker menu system with no reloading the map between rounds would be good too (have it somehow reset the map without having to stop and reload the whole thing).

                            Team colors or some sort of team-defining implementation would be nice, but not needed, other than a "WILDCAT and CRASH vs JAEGER and FAITH" style announcement at the beginning of the match to clear any misconceptions up. I think that you should still be able to see an enemy marine's name no matter what, and possibly their health (it can lead to some intense standoffs or chases).

                            Another thing that would make TDM awesome (something I have been implementing when I host) is the rule that the match becomes a free-for-all once the opponent team is dead. this could work well as a checkbox/vote in the system.

                            Dusker, if you're looking for someone to contribute ideas to the mod, I have a TON I would like to discuss with the team (not on the public forums though). I have looked through all of the current AS levels in the editor (and beaten all of them, though not on anything above Easy yet - I'll be the first to admit I'm not quite uber at the game). I know my way around the Unreal Editor pretty well and am hoping to release an AS TDM map in the near future (if you'd like to see a sample), and would love to help make more campaigns/missions/TDM maps for AS. I can't do custom static meshes (outside of Unreal Ed Brush static meshes) or textures yet on my own, but I'm still learning (I've got the special edition DVD and am going through all the tutorials). If you're recruiting, I'm applying.
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