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  • Advanced Marine Class Training.

    ok here's my take on Advanced Marine Class Training.(AMCT)
    you will probably notice that it takes some of the better Ideas of this forum along with some new ones and lays down a way to implement them

    AMCT is essentially a way to take the class specialization further , with the ability to send marines to advanced training programs after they meet certain requirements.

    I'll start with how AMCT works.
    during a Campaign , you start with your Four basic marine classes , Medic , Explosives, Special weapons , and Tech. Each Class then has its own requirements it has to meet for training qualification. Once these specifications have been met , the character can then sign up for Advanced training for their class. During advanced training , the Character will be unselectable for the duration of one mission ( Cause they are out training) on the next mission , the marine will come back shiny , new , and with some new tricks and weapon abilities.

    The Qualification requirements.
    These vary per class , and need to be met in order for AMCT to be available. Furthermore, a character cannot qualify during a mission if they are AI controlled for more than 45% of a mission. they can still qualify if they are used by a player on the next mission.

    For a Tech marine to qualifiy , they need to reach a kill count of 100 with the tech rifle for their Tour of duty , or hack a total of five panels(this means that they can achieve qualification after mission two if they go for the optional ones.)

    the Medic needs to get the blood halo or higher twice. or acheive 75 pistol kills in their tour of duty

    Special Weapons.
    To qualify with a special weapons marine , a player needs to Kill 200 aliens in your tour of duty , and use at least two different weapons to do it.

    Explosives: (and yes I know that wolfe is special weapons. but theres no sarge or jaeger smiley)
    As an explosive marine , you need to make 150 alien kills in your tour of duty. furthermore , 50 of those kills have to be made with either proximity mines or grenades.

    Now that you have met the qualification requirements, your soldier is ready to leave home and go off to AMCT academy. The character will be unavailable for the duration of one mission. This means that if there are 8 people on the server , someone will have to sit out. but their soldier will be reserved for them to prevent stealing.

    Now comes the fun part. THE BENEFITS OF AMCT!

    An advanced Medic is known as Chem-Trooper.they still retain all their previous abilities , but gain added resistance to Parasites, and the ability to regenerate hitpoints at a rate of 5 every 20 seconds. Furthermore , a revival lab will be set up at the spawnpoint. A medic and any other soldier will be able to Carry a dead comrade back to the spawnpoint , where they can be revived after a one minute ressusitation. Marines killed by Parasites or Exploding Ammopacks cannot be revived. Revival can only take place within one minute of death. A Medic also recieves a ChemRifle(a good old fashioned Biorifle Knockoff) , and shoots a blob of acid that sticks to surfaces and , more notably , aliens. an alien with a on him will soon explode , and shower a (very)small area around him with a cloud of acid ,the secondary cloud effects Cause heavy damage to aliens , but Does not kill. it can take them down to 1 hp , but they will survive. This is balanced out by a very slow firerate , and 7 rounds per clip with Three clips.
    so the benefits are
    -Resistance to parasites
    -Revival lab
    -slow regenerating HP

    An Advanced Tech trooper is known as a TechOps soldier. Their improvements make them more stealthy. The main improvement they have is a 30 second cloaking ability , that can be used twice per mission. This renders the marine completely invisible to the alien forces and to marines as well(allied marines can see a faint outline of the trooper , but not the name) so that friendly fire can balance it. While cloaked , a techops soldier cannot be detected by the aliens in any way. If they hear a weapon fire , they will charge at the spot where the weapon was fired, but if their alien buddies start dropping around them , they will eventually catch on. This can be remedied by a Silencer that the TechOps Soldier can equip in his third equipment slot.This makes him invisible to aliens even when firing. The Techops Soldier Also recieves Both a Heatscope, and the addition of Walls to his scanner. The Heatscope tints his view deep red , making it hard to navigate , but highlights any kind of heat with a Bright white glow. Including Marines , Aliens , Eggs ,Flares, and sentryguns. . and Finally comes the Techops Special Weapon. the Techops soldier recieves for his troubles , the ability to equip the ALr-P40.04 Laser Cannon. This cannon takes up two weapon slots , and has 10 shot clip with 3 clips maximum. The weapon fires a one second Beam that can fire through multiple targets and reflects off of surfaces once Dealing heavy damage. Enough to kill an alien if he takes . (think the Laser part of Research) The firerate is a beam with a one second duration and a three second delay between shots. it CAN be pivoted while firing.
    once again . benefits are as follows
    -Cloaking ability
    -Optional Silencer attatchment for weapons
    -really Powerful Laser
    -Thermal Scanner

    Special Weapons soldier
    now that AMCT has been taken,The Special weapon soldier is now known as the Blitzkrieg Specialist.gains most notably the ability to Dual weild any weapon in any combination. this means that they can carry two autoguns , two flamethrowers , two rifles , two shotguns.AND combinations such as an Autogun and a Flamer , a Flamer and a shotgun , a shotgun and a normal rifle , a Autogun and a pistol , etc etc . In addition , the Heavy weapons specialist gains the ability to move faster , and gives them the ability to dodge , flip , and dive while shooting. Also while Stim is active they achieve double speed , so that under stim they still move normally. since the Blitzkrieg soldier can dual wield anything , they recieve no special weapon.
    in summation
    -Dual Wielding everything
    -Inhanced movement speed , and better reaction under stim.

    Explosives Soldier
    The advanced Explosive Soldier is known as the Demolitions expert. he recieves double the ammunition and grenades per ammo pack. He also recieves a larger Boost to his armor , and a variety of jolly bombs.
    Remote charges: count 4
    -A remote charge is a Grenade mounted on a tripod with a camera attatched. The soldier can place a charge with primary fire , and detonate them with the grenade button. he can access the camera with the dropdown menu , and a 1st camera will be displayed in the corner like when youre spectating.
    Flashbang Grenades: Count 2
    -Flashbangs are exactly as advertised. Marines are unnaffected by the flashes as they have been trained in ways of avoiding their effects(closing their eyes ) Aliens within the range of a Flashbang will instantly scream and retreat until the efffects wear out.
    Cuban Burners:count 1
    -A Cuban Burner is a one shot per Mission Napalm bomb (like in Vietnam) the weapon sends out a shockwave of Fire two thirds the width of the screen , that charges across the screen , meaning instant death for anything caught in the blast.
    And of course they recieve a full complement of the other kinds of grenades that are already in the game. These can be fired from the Demolition soldiers shiny new grenade launcher. Primary fire swaps grenade types , secondary fires.

    Each Class specific weapon can only be seen in the selection screen by the character who earns it.

    well , there ya go. im not sure if its too balanced, so if anyone sees any faults ,feel free to speak up.
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    Those are nice ideas but this is a arcade shoot no spy splinter cell stuff monsters spawn when marines trigger soemthing.


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      Don't you think the laser weapon would be the worst teamkill weapon ever. Someone fires it at an alien, the alien moves, so they move the beam, it accidentally reflects backwards and kills the whole team (possibly the tech marine too).


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        Yep! the advanced weapons were inentionally described to be more teamkilly than others. so that it still takes skill to use them.
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          I like those ideas. I just like to see a napalm rocket launcher. Especially when you know there is a trigger up ahead that will spawn a crap load of bugs. You just og first and let one ride and show the swarm whose boss
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            Umm... Im confused, why does the tech need a thermalscanner if he has a motion sensor?... Im VERY confused... If the aliens dont show any heat the Tech is doomed... Ammobags... Napalm... YAY!... Others are fine ideas


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              Why do the marines need to be so strong look at that wepon specialist upgrade 2 weapons ANd you run fast wtf its not that hard of a game that would just make it no fun.


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                The Thermalscanner would be a Visual thing , for use in Dark areas. it would completely cover his Screen and show him where the aliens are on screen.
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                  Advance Training = Good idea. I'd prefer that the new abilities be slick and clean like the rest of the game right now. For example:

                  Requirements: You can bot the character or not, but if the AI stays as is, we'll make the requirements to those that needs human attention:

                  Med = 2 Silver Halo + 4 star medic.
                  Spec. Wep = 300 Kills + 4 star special weps.
                  Explosives = 150 Explosive kills (Flamer, grenades, mines) + 3 star explosives.
                  Tech = 4 objectives hacked + 4 doors sealed or unsealed + 4 star hacking.

                  And minimize the new abilities to one or two items of special importance:

                  Med = Extra slot can take revival kit. Revive anywhere back to 25% health before further meds, cannot revive death by parasite or explosion. Cannot revive after one minute.

                  Spec. Wep = Instant weapon switch from primary to secondary, akimbo pistols equippable as secondary, faster reload.

                  Explosives = Options for extra slot: remote sat charges with camera as previously described, or single napalm blast as previously described, or a new welder that duels as a potent meele weapon that deals massive damage and sets aliens on fire.

                  Tech = Neural implants: Double hacking speed + double welding speed. Taking hack chip does not stack effect. P-rifle now has the same autoaim range as the autogun.

                  Why we should focus on these changes:

                  Med: Gives the player some alternate option to reset immediately after a marine goes down, at the penalty that you lose about 400 points of heals (practically 4 revives)

                  Special Weapon: Basically buffs the character up without breaking balance. Akimbo pistol will minimize reload vulerability at the penalty that you can't bring another ammo bag.

                  Explosives: More useful for those last chance explosive getaways. Welder meele gives Explosives some advantage for being the welder bearer.

                  Tech: Better equipped for objective completion, which is what they're in the team for.