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  • Sigtest

    Gonna use this as my sig.. found it in Battle Angel Alita.. before anyone asks me for a translation


    Sors salutis|et virtutis|michi nunc contaria,
    est affectus|et defectus|semper in angaria.
    Hac in hora|sine mora|corde pulsum tangite;
    quod per sortem|sternit fortem,|mecum omnes plangite!

    Fate opposes me|in vitality|and morality,
    forced ever onward|burdened|always in shackles.
    So this very moment|without tarrying|pluck the quivering strings.
    Because fate|punishes the other who plays|all lament with me!

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    Hey, this is familiar! It's the lyrics to Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, right?
    My cats are black! How about yours?


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      Say what now?
      "The greatest leader is he who is aggressive in meeting the needs of others."

      "Build a man a fire, and he is warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he is warm for the rest of his life."

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        There are lyrics to Carmina Burana? I sure as hell can't understand them.


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          That part Aeawen has mentioned is the climax of the opening part, the most known part of Carmina Burana (IMO the other parts are not so interesting since they aren't so dramatic) which has been overused in movies, tour intro tapes and where else.

          It's latin, so no wonder if the lyrics are hard to understand The one part I have heard well is that "est affectus et defectus" line, which was how i recognized that whole thing.

          Don't know if those lyrics are part of something older and they're just being used in Carmina Burana, not written originally for it.
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          My cats are black! How about yours?


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            yup, thats the one alright hehe..