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    we can do observation the right way as it is 5:30...we just didnt know :]


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      We couldn't do Uplink on uber just now so no carnage mode on Uplink yet... We were on a roll, unlocked hardcore on Observation, did barracks on uber (unlocked carnage), but no Uplink.


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        Killing Uplink Insane

        Yeah... We would have had it if people (... myself included) could have stayed another hour or so. We had JUST gotten into the pit and we nailed the sucker pretty hard... didn't bring the right gear to take him out though. Soon enough.
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          We got so fricken sick of the newbies messing us up on Uplink that we finally had to give up after 4 hours or so and just do some other map to get our anger out. We only got to end successfully 5 times, with everyone alive. It then fell appart.