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sIX clan now has 3 servers!

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  • sIX clan now has 3 servers!

    I have been updating and working so hard to get my 2 servers up during the last hours...
    sorry for the inconvenience whoever was on the servers playing while i kinda tweaked the ini is all set now...
    Before you had 1 server, now you have 3!

    2 of which are hosted by me: (6 players each)
    The - sIX - clan 1 : HARD/INSANE only. NO newbies!
    The - sIX - clan 2 : HARD/INSANE only. NO newbies!

    and the other one hosted by Mek-of-sIX: (8 players)
    The - sIX - clan 3 : HARD/INSANE only. NO newbies!

    No more reserved slots except for me because it is causing some should have enough slots for now with this
    As the clan grows if we need more we will find more people with good connections to host servers :]
    The ping on my 2 servers should not be more than 20-30 ms higher than what you had before which is a pretty good deal since this game doesnt require a ping of 20...

    I will keep updating servers with new maps as they come out...til then the rules are the same, hard and insane difficulty only unless you are unlocking modes...

    If I see the lag and CPU usage is good I might consider raising the max players to 7 for my servers if they are often full.
    In any case if server 1 is full and 2 is empty and you want to play, do not hesitate to join server 2, if you all do this you will all end up on the same server

    I'll end this post with some free publicity:


    Elite clan looking for Elite marines! Take care Suzy!

    Your favorite angel,


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    Great job =)


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      Tip 1: use sentry as a stair case
      Tip 2: walk on active mines so when alien gets near you, they burn


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        Hey Angel, could you by chance mark the server which we upgraded to Uber? Maybe call it Super Elite, and we can continue to unlock crap.


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          Server 1 has everything unlocked, and possibly server 2. If they are both running off the same box they probably use the same file to determine if things have been unlocked.


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            yes I think warskull is right


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              Thanks Angel and Mek, you're doing a great job. Server 3 pings a bit high for me but the first two are still OK.