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  • Aliens-style gametype

    Any interest in a more ALIENS inspired gametype, with more numerous, weaker aliens with damaging blood? Without going too AvP, I'd like to see a gametype (or even a 'mode' like uber and stuff) with much more numerous, weaker aliens with acid blood and much more powerful attacks, that kill much faster. Is it the masochist in me, or would this be a nice little subgame?

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    more numerous, weaker aliens = carnage

    so basically carnage with higher attack and acid blood?

    sounds good


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      And *faster*... atm aliens are relatively difficult to kill, but not very fast (you can nearly outrun them), don't kill you very fast on normal or hard, and don't shower you in deadly, deadly acid

      Someone early on had an idea for jumping aliens; in the spirt of 'faster, deadlier, more', aliens that pounce from a distance would be great.

      But really in the campaign there are only a few places where aliens come too fast to be held off by an autogun; it'd be harder all round if alien groups were larger, faster, jumped on you and left deadly puddles.

      Not the same as regular AS, because yeah, poor aliens will be getting slaughtered like rats, but the super-tough aliens of insane are just... insane!


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        half a clip of autogun ammo to kill an insane uber is INSANE if you ask me...
        also there are some places where deadly acid would kill you cuz so many aliens pile up you could just not get through...


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          The acid blood would have to be less persistent than the regular stuff; have it disappear faster would do away with getting stuck. In the movie it burnt quickly, so no biggie But I'd also want to tone down the autoaim, particularly on the autogun.

          I wonder if its possible to make the pathing more random or flexible? All the aliens coming down a corridor is just bad; if some would move around the sides, jump off the walls and stuff, but spontaneously, instead of scripted, that'd be interesting.


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            also, in the movie it burnt throught was it 2 or 3 hulls..Quite strong if ya ask me...more couldve made a breach on the hull.
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              I think a Vengeance Mode would be cool. The more people who die from an Alien the stronger the current marines standing is.

              Something like:
              3% xtra Hp per death
              3% xtra damage
              2% xtra speed
              All ammo is given in the form of the appropriate type split between all the marines.
              I.E if some one with 5 clips of shotty ammo dies his shotty ammo is divided between all the members and given to them in the form of their weapon with the least amount of ammo.

              Vengeance mode will be played where you get random waves of aliens and your job is to do nothing more than survive. So the aliens will come in waves wth random skins and random blood colors. Its just a nasty carnage mode NOTE: For this type of situation, very low FF
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                I like the Aliens idea. Much faster, weaker and will burn you into gloop if they're too close when they die (unless you napalm them, natch). One problem could be close combat, since an alien will most likely spray acidic blood everywhere around it if shot, so a better melee attack for the marines could be handy to knock the bugs to arms length before snuffing them out (maybe a cattle prod or something )
                On the same topic, how about an Aliens styled level, where rather than you running in to 'investigate' (read: terminate with extreme violence) a location, your motley crew of marines has to hold out against the bugs trying to overrun your position. You get a small area to work in so you can seal doors, set sentries and cower in the corner like children, and the bugs will besiege your little bolthole until either the time runs out and your escape is effected via dropship/apc, or you get turned into large piles of bug doo-doo
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