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New Feature: Weapon Mods.

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    I really like the idea of the customizable rifle. The two rifles right now (standard and tech) could be variations of a new rifle scheme. How about this:

    You select the standard bare-bones rifle, then you can either select the tech upgrade (for techs only) or the standard grenade launcher (at no extra space cost either). Otherwise you could select another weapon to customize it and the new custom rifle would take up the two primary slots.

    The secondary weapons could include: A grenade launcher with additional ammo
    A full shotgun
    A full flamer
    A second rifle (basically double rifle damage -- both barrels would fire simultaneously)
    A motion sensor (good to have as a backup in case the techie is dead or if he is in a different start area)
    A flare launcher

    I know this goes over some of what was said before, but it's a really good idea and want to give it the old thumbs up


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      Heres the problem; the weapons in AO don't appear very modular. The P-rifle requires a skill, and the GL on the regular rifle isn't removable. Attachments are great and all, but the point of AO is that no one person can have full functionality alone. And look at regular attachments; silencers, useless. Scopes, useless. lasersights, potentially useful, although arguably the p-rifle is this, GLs, already present. Only new stuff like sensors or weapons would make sense, and in AO I don't think they're appropriate.

      Although I would like to see the motion tracker be an extra item. Keep the tech restrictions if nessicary, but you should have to actually TAKE it, like everything else.


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        hmm. a scope that zooms your FOV closer to the Cursor (perhaps to 60) but gives you VERY powerful one hit killshots. . . bah , this needs a sniper rifle . . .
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          Originally posted by Pepito
          hmm. a scope that zooms your FOV closer to the Cursor (perhaps to 60) but gives you VERY powerful one hit killshots. . . bah , this needs a sniper rifle . . .

          Christ, no it doesn't. Sniper rifles at the squad level? Sniper rifles indoors? Sniper rifles vs fast moving close range targets? Sniper rifles in top-down? Sniper rifles in the dark? Sniper rifles with as much ammo as the pistol? Sniper rifles being huge? Scoped shots making damger higher why?

          I do not agree with your idea.


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            A heavy-only weapon type might work (a rail gun), but a scope alone giving the one-hit kill? Naw.... If a scope gave that sort of option, there would a lot of rifles with scopes being equipped in the game.

            (still like the modular rifle idea though!! )


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              Originally posted by [theDAN]
              Scoped shots making damger higher why?

              Anyway , I Spawned the sniper Rifle ingame and the Trooper holding the model looked hella cool . . .

              Sniper rifles could be good if used properly in a map. Say a player is able perhaps you could use the zoom in open maps to move your aiming view Farther than normal. and thence be able to Pick off targets from a distance at the cost of lower ROF? Im sure it could be justified somehow. But yeah it wouldnt work on most situations of the current maps.
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                Maybe a slower rate-of fire, higher damage rifle option? I like having a flexibility of the weapons I select, and if the team could use the existing models... Oh yeah! Also, the ion painter weapon looks nice as well, as well as the grenade launcher and more (mind races slightly)

                Edit: Almost forgot -- at that short a range a scope would only be a hinderance. It would be easier to use the irons than a mounted scope for the all-mighty head-shot.


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                  The problem is that all the weapons in AO already have enough range to cover the maps if you had the right view; adding a scope wouldn't add much to this. For instance, if it was first person, you wouldn't have the camera restricting your aim, and regular rifles would work like sniper rifles. Combat isn't usually taking place over 200 meters, so there's no real need for scopes.

                  And you're right, 'accuracy' already gives damage bonuses.

                  I guess a semi-auto, higher calibre rifle would be good, like an uprated pistol? I enjoy using pistols anyway, so that'd be a bit of fun.

                  What about the problem that the rifle bullets do bugger-all damage right now? Wouldn't introducing a pistol-style thing be bad in this way?


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                    I like the Semi auto high caliber rifle , Idea.

                    and I agree that combat isnt taking place over 200 meters (because all of the maps are indoors(Uplink plays just like an indoor map so I count it as that)

                    But I don't mean a First person Scope , I mean a scope that just gives you the ability to move your Camera Farther out from your character , perhaps a screens length? how would that be bad?
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                      Close-range TKs? If you move the camera too far to see your marine, someone might be right in front of you, or simply in the line of fire, and you wouldn't know? And my real issue is that such a feature would be useful on ALL rifles, not just scoped ones, but the game restricts range...


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                        Killing aliens that are asleep (idle) up a head doesn't seem like fair play either. Does anybody ever think about how they must feel about marines barging in on their natural (though newly acquired) habitat. Being bloodthirsty isn’t all out fun you know.

                        Only a thought...


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                          Back onto the weapon mods. Maybe only have it so you can mod your weapon for the first map and then it stays like that for the rest of the campaign. Just to show that a weapon specialist back at the base only really knows how to mod the guns.
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                            Ok i've thought about it some more and have some ideas;
                            These only apply to generic weapons everyone can use to give them a purposed customized fit for each individual soldier's role

                            Assault rifle;
                            Generic mod: Grenade launcher (normal)
                            Searge mod: Incendiary grenade launcher (assault shotgun grenades)
                            Heavy mod: quick reload rig (clips change at double speed for the gun)
                            Medic mod: flare launcher (4 flares)
                            Tech mod: Stun grenades + laser (current)

                            Generic: normal
                            Searge: explosive slug (turns shotgun into grenade launcher)
                            Heavy: mag extension (extra 3 rounds)
                            Medic: Friend or foe ID (wont fire if friendlies in blast cone)
                            Tech: electronet ammo (an electrified tazer-net that shocks what it lands on, immobilizing and hurting somewhat)

                            Generic: normal
                            Searge: ignition rounds (lights foe on fire, good for swarms with corpse burning)
                            Heavy: akimbo pistols (twin pistols, double fire rate dobule mag capacity double ammo consumption)
                            Medic: Three round burst (shoots three rounds in a narrow shotgun pattern)
                            Tech: laser sights (autoaim)

                            Generic: normal
                            Searge: Slow burn fuel (sprays on ground for 5 second wall of flame)
                            Heavy: High pressure system (increased range on flamer)
                            Medic: fire suppression system (for putting out flame-engulfed friendlies or other fires)
                            Tech: Alien toxic spray (rather then flamethrower, a spray that is toxic to bugs and can soften them up and kill them in large doses)

                            My theory is these can all be accessed the same way akimbo pistols are accessed- ie; only the generic option is available at start but if you do well with the weapon on a map from then on you can choose the 'bonus mode' for that marine or the normal mode. of course, pistols might be a bit silly, a three round burst with pistol might be too lethal and laser sights on it might be rediculous too. ignition rounds sound neat but might not be all that, so akimbo for everyone may be a good way to keep pistols.

                            I would like to see the anti-tk measures for the medic guns though, a fire suppressor addition makes sense for a medic with a flamer to me. andif sarge could set up walls of fire with it (even short lived ones) it would give a great usefulness for him in the squad with a flamer. he would have to be extremely careful of course not to block a teammate off or set one ablaze- but thats pretty much how a flamer is anyhow right now.