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    I thought this little glitch deserved it's own thread.

    While playing in the rescue mission, it is possible for the lift button to be hit several times one the lift is at the top. The result is that the lift PLUMETS at more than twice the normal speed. Usually it will stop it's rapid descent very close to the bottom. Sometimes it will get STUCK, other times it will finish the last few feet at the normal pace. One conjecture is that if anyone dies or if William is not on the lift, it will get stuck. I cannot confirm or deny this due to lack of experience.

    My impression of what is happening is this: The button sends a descent signal to the platform every time it's hit. But once the platform is descending, it disables the lift button. If there is some network latency (lag), it is possible to send multiple descent commands to the lift, effectively multiplying it's rate of descent, before the lift button is deactivated. I've tried to duplicate this effect on single player with no success. However, every time I try it in multiplayer, it works. It's a FANTASTIC way to chop off 60 seconds on your UBER run.

    Also, for whatever reason, the lift will not ASCEND any faster, no matter how many people spam the button at the same instant.

    Whatever the cause, I like it, and I hope they don't fix it.
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    I think it is if someone dies and falls to the bottom that it glitches when you send it super fast. That is the one thing that consistantly happened before the lift got stuck.

    The more than 2 hitting it at once theory has merit too though. Two at once will cause a hyper drop, but three or more and a jam occurs. I am not sure if this is correct, but it is down to the 3+ theory and fall to the bottom of the lift theory.

    It is a great timesaver when you are going for speed, but they probably should fix it to remove the possibility of the lift jamming. If you can keep hyper mode and fix jamming that would be dandy.


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      anyone who tries to mess with future technology like that should break the elevator and send everyone plummeling down the elevator at TERMINAL VELOCITY.