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    On more open-field levels, the dreadnoughts could be used as semi-mobile weapon platforms, and given extra abilities like sensors and stuff, and used as the centerpiece for the squad during larger, more tactical maps, like recapturing an outlying structure with surrounding wasteland. Think WH40k 'take and hold' with a single medium structure in the centre of the map, and alien holes all over the place, base infested, stuff like that.

    ... Particularly with additional alien types, or even just new abilities for the new ones, like dash or leap or spit.

    In outdoors-y sorta maps, would it be possible to move the camera higher, to allow a larger view range? Then you could introduce vehicles and larger aliens more easily, while keeping the current camera for indoors-y stuff.

    Are there any plans to introduce some kind of higher alien AI, to dynamically path aliens to get around sealed doors, sentries etc? Even if it was only very slight it'd introduce uncertianty, and that'd add alot to maps, with or without vehicles... and I'd love to watch a single alien slice up all the hydraulics at the back of a dreadnought


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      I'd like to see aliens Retreat from Marines Occassionally. Definately not predictably , like not every time , but the occasional alien that uses Guerrilla Tactics would be nice. Have some Extra broken vents All over and the aliens run in in Droves , attack , then Retreat into the vents again.
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        Functional (ie widespread, link to almost every room, but with blockages) vent systems is a holy grail for me... if aliens could use vents to evade your sentries and get amidst you, you'd think alot more carefully about things... and don't forget ceiling crawlspaces. The aliens occasionally need to flank us, or we get complacent


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          alien sure have great landing abilities, most of time if they start jumping out of the sealing, they lands on your head unless u do a hard dodge, hehe. neway i'm think of improving the AI, even tho not many people plays single player, there is times where u get 1 person disconnected online, and u play with 2 characters, give the bot more commands, other than blind follow, ect ect.
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            A power armor would be a great idea for a map with hundreds of bugs you have to wade through, the power armor slugs through the frontal asault while the marines cover the flanks, perhaps a 'raid the hive' mission would be great.

            SERIOUSLY this community is overrun with people who just like to bitch at everyone and their ideas without giving them a thought and asking themselves 'WHERE COULD THIS BE USEFUL/COOL/GREAT ADDITION'

            Now as a normal selection or a standard in every map, the idea would be stupid and overly used, but in specialty maps it could add a great feeling and atmosphere + show some badass firepower in action. perhaps a tech marine could use it or it could be NPC piloted.


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              I think the mod should correct its one major flaw before tweaking with the mix some more, and that is that the way to success in this mod is to memorise every inch of the map. The Aliens being smarter would fix this, but better would be some randomisation of various elements, such as spawn points.
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                That is a pretty good idea, fairly obvious, but pretty good.