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  • Idea for more variation....

    First of all, Iآ´m a german.... so my english isnآ´t good...

    What do you think about that???
    A Mech ( like the robos of humans in matrix3 who defend xion )
    We need 4 players for that( for example Sarge, Wolfe, Bastille, Flynn)
    Each of them have to carry one part of the mech
    Sarge = the legs
    wolfe = the arms
    Bastille = the body
    Flynn = the guns
    all of the players have to put these parts on the slots of the secondary gun

    all of them have to put it on the ground and Flynn (technic) have to weld it.
    Than one of the players can sit down in the mech.
    - the mech can explode when it get too much damage
    - the mech is faster than any one else
    - the mech makes more damage
    - during the time a player sitting in it, he canآ´t take damage

    I hope you understand what i mean.... when not please write it down

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    good english, horrid idea.
    So, I hear you, like, ran into these things before?
    What did you do?
    I died.


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      It would be simpler if there was a pre-assembled mech ready to go on some missions.

      a big problem with a mech that you carry around and assemble is that you can take it on every mission... and on some missions it wouldnt work, and others it would make way too easy.

      The best solution is perhaps some new maps that make use of a vehicle like that for taking the brunt of a bunch of alien waves while the marines cover the flanks. (like attacking a major hive)


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        is it just me, or does this sound like a rip-off of the power ranger robots?

        Go Go Alien Swarm Rangers!


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          its just you . . .
          Smack the Planet!!!! -


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            No it does.

            And I think the idea of finding a broken robot that the tech marines can repair is better. That way the mapper can choose to have it, and it's optional if you repair it (and dependent on Flynn or Crash's skill). It basically gives you an expendable marine (although not a super Williams).