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    Yeah I don't want to nag. (well obviously I do if I'm posting this but ) And this is just my honest perspective and go ahead and flame me at will for saying it. I feel as if Alien Swarm has become boring. Why? It needs new material. W/ as few amount of maps as it has and the constant finding of one's self in the same scenario only w/ slight differences the game quickly becomes boring and tedious (I.E. Darkly lit halls w/ mainly just Adults attacking you and they all look the same and yeah). Now, I love alien swarm the gameplay is great and I like the feeling of co-opness (hehehe is that a word?). But I can't play it anymore w/out feeling some sort of emptiness. I lack the joy that I had in my first couple weeks of playing. New content is probably on the way and I'm just being an impatient git but I hope that the maps aren't just the same things w/ a different layout. I know Alien Swarm is going for a particular feel and all but I think the feel can be kept while adding some things that spice it up a bit. So to sum things up, Alien Swarm to me is like addictive crack that stops becoming addictive after I've done the same maps 500 times over w/ the same basic goal of get out alive and hack stuff. And I don't mean any disrespect torwards game creators and I know there is only a handfull of you and its hard to create a lot of content and all but I just want my opinion to be heard. Cheers M8s!

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    It's fair comment Sarge, no offence is taken. We are working on new content, remember that we've had the game for even longer, so of course share some of these feelings.

    How would you 'spice it up a bit'? Some constructive criticism is always appreciated, ne?


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      Sarge: 500 times!? Maybe you should get a girlfriend.
      Not that I have one, or could keep her if I did. This game is very addictive indeed.
      EDIT: Oh right, I got Miss Sophie Ellis…

      Originally posted by DusKer
      We are working on new content...
      I'm not bored at all yet but I'm very happy to hear that!
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        well, you can always try out new maps that the community is making, so far i've seen more than 5 already
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          Alien Swarm's gameplay is quite well done. It has its flaws (overuse of darkness in some points) but overall is a good game. I think the biggest things Alien Swarm could use are different enemies and multiple campaigns.

          The primary mode of play is campaign and some other campaigns might be nice. They don't have to be 7 maps long, however just a single campaign and only seven maps are easily played through. Multiple campaigns also gives the chances for shorter campaigns. A three map campaign may be short, but would also appeal to people who don't want to get in for the long haul. Heck, it seems a budding AS mapping community is forming. Perhaps the best done maps could be selected and stringed together into a campaign. This may have to be done slowly over times, but I think a few choices in campaign could be nice. Especially if they feature different settings/enemies. For example you can have an outdoor style campaign to complement the current one.

          The current selection of enemies is quite bland. You have parasites, flyers, drones, and big aliens (which function mostly like tough drones.) The main method of attack is just charge after you. Some variety in the enemies could be useful, create various aliens with something unique about them. For example a smaller alien who can leap forward to close distance suprisingly quick, but does less damage. Strange aliens which the equipment just can't seem to keep track of (autoaim doesn't work on them.)


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            As far as new aliens...I've been trying to harass a talented modeller/animator friend of mine into making some new stuff for Alien Swarm. Unfortunately he's sorta busy on another mod at the moment, but once he gets some spare time he might be more open for suggestion.

            I have a few ideas for 2 maps, and I'm working on the first as we speak. Right now there are some pretty damn talented people making maps, so we'll probably see a big swamp of em soon enough.


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              I for one am making leaps and bounds on my map ATM , this is the second night in a row Ive gone w/o sleep because of it. Still not even to the Scripting part though

              but just as a teaser, it ends with a High speed Runaway Train jump
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                Originally posted by DusKer
                It's fair comment Sarge, no offence is taken. We are working on new content, remember that we've had the game for even longer, so of course share some of these feelings.

                How would you 'spice it up a bit'? Some constructive criticism is always appreciated, ne?
                1. Well, I think some form of randomness is needed to prevent the usual map memorisation, otherwise you're really limiting yourself. For example, you can't do a map with lulls in it because after the first play, the players simply run through that spot. On the other hand, a map with random ambushes would be beautiful, the squad moving in tight formation, not knowing when they're coming under attack.

                2. More maps which require the team to split up, for example, two buttons which need to be pushed at the same time, a door which closes when half the squad has gone through, an alien ambush in the middle of a squad on the bridge followed by the bridge collapsing.

                3. Objectives which change on the fly, say an alien destroys a terminal that the team need to get to, then move them to the next terminal.

                4. Vehicle missions, I've posted about this in more detail elsewhere as to how to involve the vehicle without letting it dominate, or be sidelined.

                Some of the above would never work without the "random" effect. You can't surprise the gamer when memorisation is the way this mod works. Some "random" element is desperately needed to keep people on their toes.
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                  I fully agree and I think there are some great ideas in that last post. Variety is the spice of life and I think with these kind of random events, life could be very spicy indeed. Of course I'm no coder so I'm not sure how this randomness could be implemented. Is there anyway you could do it BC? Perhaps like you did the random loot in Thievery?
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                    5. Timed missions, evacuate the facility before it self-destructs, etc.
                    "If a newbie isn't doing exactly what you want them too, you must be extra condescending and whiny over VoIP to get them to listen. The more nasaly angry you can make your tone the better, because it could make all the difference."


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                      i love AS - even if id been playing only for 1 week now :-)

                      i think its a great mod - no bugs - im sure i took a lot of time.
                      But now, as it already works fine, the community can take part of it - maybe it'll be the best, to show some more tutorials!

                      i mean - the UED should be known by a mapper, but more nicer tutorials - or maybe even a Film made with Fraps, like the vtms from - how to create a map like baracks?!

                      Complete new campains can be created with more tech-support - The hotel-cleaning or the Underground-Train-station-Invasion

                      once this works, youll save a lot of time
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                        While on the subject of adding more play time to the old maps, you really can't say you're done with them until you finish them on insane...


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                          I'd say hard is good enough. You'll probably play the maps to redundancy before you ever beat them all on insane (much less w/o losing a member).
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                            Insane is a slightly different game to the other difficulty levels, you'll find.


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                              Two words.. Random spawns!

                              The only reason I started playing this game was of the difficulty. Which isn't anything now that I know where every single alien is gonna come from. Randomize it some and put the thrill back into not knowing whats around the bend.

                              You can add new maps all you want, but they will still be memorized and become easy and thus boring.

                              Stated an idea awhile back not sure if anyone responded to it.. but put in like 3 variations of the same map(would make the map folder 3 times as big but worth it). With each map having different spots the mobs can spawn. That way for instance when you get to the end of salvage you don't know if the aliens are going to evenly attack you from all sides or if they'll all attack from the north or south or if they'll start all attacking from the north then start spawning east or what. Only prob with that is inless done right you could easily recognize which variation of the map your on and would just require you to memorize more spawns.. so somespots might have to have similiar spawns atleast in the beginning so you don't know which one your on till its too late. Thats if adding in more spawn spots and making it so the aliens will randomly spawn in any of those isn't possible.

                              Maybe even like on salvage stick a door in that opens and closes on a timer so that aliens will start building up behind it then when it opens you'll have a swarm of aliens attack at once instead of a small stream of them attacking in a row. One time could be a few aliens the next time you could have 20 aliens coming at you from the south and if your very unlucky get 20 of them coming from the north and south at same time. Course then you would be all "Uh oh no aliens have attacked for awhile they must be building up." Predictable.. but more difficult and might aggitate people more on harder settings having to do the same map over and over and have to rely on luck.
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