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Swimming and Ladder Climbing.

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  • Swimming and Ladder Climbing.

    In the interests of A map I am making involving some sewers , I was wondering if you(devs) could Fix Swimming with a marine , and Also add some Animations for Climbing a Ladder. pretty please?

    on the same note , it would also be great if Aliens could swim as well
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    Hmm, sound like you're begging for trouble.
    I was also thinking about water or other liquids on maps, not deep though, the kind you can just walk through. Anyway, I believe AS marines use UT2004 animations and models. And there probably aren't any swim animations. I doubt anyone could actually swim with that kind of armour and weaponry either. And how do you kill a bug while in water? But maybe that would be a good thing, add a nice panicky feel to it.


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      Actually UT2004 models all have Very good Swim animations. and when in water , AS troopers DO swim , the problem though , is that they do not change Direction. They just maintain the orientation they had when they jumped in. making effective aquatic navigation impossible.

      As for Ladders , that one WOULD require Extra animations.
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        Oh, is that so? My bad then, I haven’t played that much UT. I bought it mainly for the great mods available and in development. That’s a cool thought; people actually buy games to play community made ones. I think liquids look great in UT2004 so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing some in AS. Swimming is an interesting thought too.

        Btw, looking forward to trying out your map. Yeah, the one you mentioned robbed your sleep in some other thread.
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          Just use ramps instead of ladders.
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            i wanted to have ladders in Uplink, Dalai managed to get the controls working (ladder volumes). but you ended up 'aiming' at the ladder, the navigation was too fiddly - plus the AI marines had a hard time trying to
            follow you.
            good luck with your map


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              Some 1 needs to make a make identical to the end of the Aliens movie. Right at the part it starts that they all come down from the roof and some 1 has to unweld a door to the vents adn everyone running and they pop out at vents then weld next door tehn u gota go through a long corridor then you unweld this door that you have to swim through a sewer and u pop out in a nest and gun everything down while giant queen comes angry and then you go run gun back to drop sight and have to wait 1 minute before ship gets there while mass spawns come towards you until finally ship comes and you are saved. Hows that sounds lots of work but fun =)


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                Ouch, talk about a run-on sentence.

                As Leo noted, seeing heavily armed and armoured marines swimming might look a bit silly. Especially with all that electronic equipment. Shallow puddles work well though.
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