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  • Why is it so hard???

    I'm NOT a Noob, I'm playing the UT series since the beginning, not to mention other hardened shooters like Serious Sam and all, I've finished Far Cry ( considered hard ), I've played many top down /vertical shooters and action games from the '80s and 90's, and so on, and I'm totally unable to finish the campaign on EASY....What am I missing????? I've tried several times, I know every level to exhaustion, and when I try the level Uplink in the campaign, the whole team is always infested by the big bug in the lower room past the dish. I tried everything I can think of, like: incendiary mines, stim paks, the whole team, only myself, flamethrower, autogun, etc......Please what to do ?????? I NEVER used cheats in other games, but if the only way to finish this is to use a god mode ( please tell me, oh what a shame ) then so be it but....though awesome, AS is NOT for the average player. It is too tough to be fun for the mass of gamers.

    To the devs: you can make hard/insane even harder all you want in order to satisfy the most talented addicts, but please think for the average gamer wanting to try your mod.....easy is harder than the hardest settings from many games, and should have been what's meant for: EASY. Fix this. Oh, and I'm patched to 1.1, and we're told it's even easier than before?????

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    sentry gun..., stims, nades..



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      To kil that big bug , just plop down a few sentries P-rifle Grenades also help slow it down greatly
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        Doesn't work for me. Too ridiculously hard for the easiest setting. Is there any god mode?


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          Mr Marcus, I do not believe your experience in FPS applies here. Try to pick up some new tricks ^^


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            Normal nades on the normal rifle push the enemy away...just keep nading him he wont get close...


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              Very simple Marcus:

              Seeing you are asking for a GOD mode, I don't think you'll have problems employing this (arguably cheap) tactic:

              Bring two (or three) sentry guns. Prior to dropping into the pit, have all four marines line up in a row in front of one of the holes. Have the first marine in line execute the "GO" command, so all the others will follow him. This way, you'll have all your marines down there right away to provide cover fire for those who are setting up the sentries. Also, make sure each marine is fully loaded before dropping in. Once in the pit, immediately deploy all your sentrines in one corner. But set them up far enough away from the corner so that all your marines can fight behind them. Then arrange your marines so that they're JAMMED into the corner, all facing outwards. BE SURE YOU SET UP THE SENTRIES IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE BIIIIG BUG CANNOT FIT BETWEEN THEM AND REACH YOUR MARINES. Then just KEEP STIMS RUNNING NON STOP, and make sure you watch your marine's health VERY CLOSESLY. You still will probably take some damage. Also, from that corner you could shoot grenades and such at the big guy when he comes by... but that really shouldn't be necessary. He'll fall after a min or so. Then just quickly move south to the exit. KEEP THE STIMS RUNNING NON STOP. I cannot stress that enough. Don't take flashlights or flares. They are totally* useless in this level. Take TONS of stims.

              You simply cannot fail on Easy with the above directions unles you ROYALLY screw up.

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                Thx, Sniper007. I'll try that tomorrow. Off to work.


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                  Ergo, it is hard because you ingurgitate unyieldingly.
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                    Originally posted by Master Marcus
                    I'm NOT a Noob, I'm playing the UT series since the beginning, not to mention other hardened shooters like Serious Sam and all, I've finished Far Cry ( considered hard ), I've played many top down /vertical shooters and action games from the '80s and 90's, and so on, and I'm totally unable to finish the campaign on EASY....What am I missing????? I've tried several times, I know every level to exhaustion
                    imho all the fps experience in the world is worth nothing once you get to alienswarm since it has its very own style of arcade with lots of teamplay

                    and if you know every level to exhaustion then you should know the location of every parasite and most of the other aliens so if you still get hit/parasited then its your own fault cause you canna get trough too fast ...

                    take it easy, or if you really are as good as you claim then simply do multiplayer, you might still be amazed when you see other ppl get trough entire levels without a scratch. observe and learn


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                      If you are playing single player on easy, pick an autogunner and just force your bots to blind follow - they can take care of themselves just fine. Always make sure that your cursor extends to the edge of the direction you're moving, and as soon as you seen aliens, stop and fire. Don't forget that you have autoaim - you should be able to hit everything with the autogun as long as your cursor points in the general direction of the aliens.

                      For the Uplink monster, I simply use an explosive expert. Run down, charge forward toward the monster, and plop down all of the mines as you move back. Keep pumping assult shotgun rounds into the boss in a range that is as close as possible. The first time I tried it, the boss went down before I use up my first assult shotgun clip.

                      Good luck. We all know it's hard, but take your time with it - after all, you've only got seven levels, so enjoy it while it's fresh and new to you.

                      There is a invulerability cheat code, I've heared it mentioned on the forum numerous times but I never wrote it down- perhaps a simple search would yield you the answer you wanted.


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                        What I do is i grab sarge with an assault shotgun, faith with 2 med packs, wildcat with autogun, crash with a turret (sarge/wildcat also carrying ammo). faith hits a stim as crash jumps down, everyone follows, crash sets up turret in north west corner, everyone crowds behind it, sarge sits out front and blasts the big alien with his incindiary grenades and wails on him with his shotgun of doom, and he's toast pretty quick even on hard. the only tricky part is IF you should get infested or an alien gets behind the turret you have to make sure crash or faith are protecting with a weapon. so long as you keep stimming up it should be easy to manage, but never underestimate the assault shotgun in a situation vs a tough opponent. mmmmm goodness.


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                          I took this mission as my last mission when I played the campaign, since I consider it to be the hardest one, and wanted my marines to have high levels.
                          Basicly, I had Wildcat, Wolfe, Faith and Crash. Both Crash and Wolfe had sentry gun, while Faith had dual pistols and wildcat extra ammo.
                          What I did; Made sure the marines had full ammo/health when they jumped down, set up the two sentries as soon as they had landed, when the sentries was up, my two autoguns and sentries pretty much roasted the aliens.. (myself played as the medic to remove eventual parasites on my marines )
                          I used no stimpacks.... Maybe I should have, but it doesnt matter since I got all of them out unharmed.
                          I'll cry when I'm done killing.


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                            Dude I'll tell you the easiest way. This mod is so freaking simple its pathetic now.

                            Anyway, just get Sarge or Jaeger whichever you prefer.. hopefully you leveled him up to 5 star explosives by then. If not no biggy it'll just be bit harder for you.

                            Equipment needed:
                            Extra Slot-Mines

                            Then on another char get stimpacks.. not required, but they help specially if you haven't done it a few times.

                            If your 5 star in explosives:
                            Line up Sarge or Jaeger at the tube then hit a stim on one of the other guys then only take Sarge or Jeager down the tube when you see the bug shoot a shotgun grenade at him and keep doing it till the big bug gets pushed up against the wall then place all your mines (just keep backing up and hitting F) then since you'll have flame resistant armor stand in the middle of those and none of the small aliens can touch you and the big one won't cross the mines so you can just shotgun it to death.

                            If your not 5 star explosives:
                            Same tactics.. but instead of standing on the fire pit of mines put 4-5 in front of you in a line then put the rest behind you to kill off the small ones. You'll want to make a v shape so as to cover all angels.. that'll trap you for awhile, but you won't need to move.

                            Or if you got infected you could place the 4-5 mines after backing the big bug up against the wall then fallback to the tube and place some mines in a v shape again to keep the aliens off you and drop down the medic real quick to cure you.

                            Also if you wanna get abit more tricky you can shotgun grenade the alien onto some rock in the north west corner of the room and it gets stuck. Hopefully they'll fix that since its really easy to reproduce. Just gotta get the right angel on the bug so it knocks him that way.
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                              Originally posted by Mek
                              Ergo, it is hard because you ingurgitate unyieldingly.
                              what a constructive comment!......

                              thanks to all other posters for your tricks. I made it finally ( 1 team mate killed infected ), had the time to set up one sentry, but not two since the big bug was moving so fast upon us and killed before the second was installed. I admit I suck at this game, still like it though.