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  • bot control option?

    Would it be possible for a team control (for bots) to be implimented so as you could split them into different squads? like say i have squad 1 of searge+wildcat and squad 2 of faith+crash, so i can hit key 5 and 6 to toggle between these groups rather then have everyone follow one guy by hitting follow group, or having to position each one manually (which works better, but is a royal pain navigating through each map like that)

    basically; the ability to split your marines in single player into 2-3 groups rather then have all nearby marines simply follow the person who says 'follow me'.

    i say this because i use my marines to leapfrog around maps in hard difficulty so i can spread out the ammo usage and everything reliably. blind follow just gets bots killed, and is no good for the harder difficulties.

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    The leapfrog way you mention is what we intended. Follow is just there to move through quiet areas.


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      so you mean it's already implemented? if so , how?

      Also , being able to position your bots , and have them stay in positions relative to their teammates (within a certain range, we dont want formations 1024 uu's wide!) would be great.
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        hmm, i think what he means is that you're supposed to manually control each bot and move them into position, which works, but its a big pain, especially since mission times can grow into 10-30 minute ranges, and doing one over again is NOT something you like...


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          Unfortunately for some, we get a lot of kicks from micromanaging (blame blizzard RTSs and enjoy all the tactical positioning.

          It also makes the single player play a little differently to the multi, which i think is nice. We don't want single player to be a solo run with autoaim bots playing the game themselves.


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            meh, it's cool, just trying to run through rescue on insane is a real pain in the you know where. game gets real hard to pull off around there.


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              I actually usually do 3 + 1 teams, cos it's a lot easier to do compared to 2 + 2. Sure you can have 2 + 2 teams running about, but every time you want it you need to play around the interface.

              I'd welcome the option to order single bots to follow you.

              With 2 + 2 the bots would get stuck in the vents less, too, since only one bot would be following you at any give moment.
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