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Modifying Alien Swarm Allowed?

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  • Modifying Alien Swarm Allowed?

    Hey, Me and a bunch of friends from the Hijacker clan, feel like making mods for AS aswell as a few campaigns and stuff...

    I was wondering, What are your rules on AS modding? Do you allow it? Do you hate us for bringing up the topic?

    The mods we have in mind are small, alterations mods... Like change the player models, or stuff like that, aswell as a few maps, Not talking a serious full time "Mod anything you see" just along the lines of New content.

    If you guys allow this please let me know, the clan i run has a mapper, modeler and skinner, so we have enough for the basics. But if you guys can give us any tips on stuff that would be greatly appreciated too.

    *Note: Reason for topic was to get your approval to mod it*

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    We'd love to see new maps and models.


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      Brilliant, I'll let my friends know to start modding . Thanks for getting back to me.

      Also adding new textures and stuff for maps Doubtful we'll go as far as new animations or any coding work, because we all have college in september and dont wanna commit to a long term project.


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        Hey mitlancer, I'm really looking forward to seeing your crews stuff.
        Btw, nice playing yesterday. I got to see some brilliant coop from most of the people present.
        Nice playing around without much effort. See ya!