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Survival: Attack of the noobs.

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  • Survival: Attack of the noobs.

    People say that complaining about noobs is rediculous, but this is how bad I had it, on the first level... Equipment carried.

    Wildcat: Flamer, Flamer, Pistol.
    Sarge: Flamer, Shotgun, Stim packs.
    Faith: Flamer, Flamer, Self medical.
    Crash: Flamer, Flamer, Flares.
    Bastille: Flamer, Shotgun, Pistol.

    I was Flynn, I carried a P-Rifle, Ammo, and welder. We tried level 1, three or four times on Easy to do it... cause they all died in like 3 seconds, wonder why...

    Anyways, after being set on fire fifty or sixty times (or so it seemed) i decided i'll do it alone. So i ran like a nutter, stunned them, and welded them in the large area on the east of the map.. I told them:

    "I'll do it alone, just u guys wait over by the finish..."

    Finally, i had peace, i destroyed the eggs, turned off the power to the explosion thingy and went back to the start. I dropped all extra ammo then hacked through the door, Now heres where it gets insanely stupid.

    Between the hack door, and the finish line, i was set on fire twice, and shot in the face with a shotgun...

    Word of advice: Dont play with noobs.

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    Hahaha. Brilliant.


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      If you can handle insane, play on clan six servers...


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        You deserve a t-shirt. But seriously, why didn't you leave? Was your server hijacked?
        "Who's the moron who put a moron like me in charge?"


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          I didnt leave cause it was my friends server and i was waiting for him there... But seriously, how many flame throwers does 1 group need?

          PS. Thanks for the offer


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            Depends what difficulty you're playing on, really. But for a group of that size (presumably playing on easy) on the first map of the game, you really shouldn't need more than one.

            And if you're a newbie and not used to it - forget it, whatever the difficulty.


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              The correct answer is None, Flamers do more team killing then good .


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                That's very funny indeed! It's seems quite odd that no intentional TKing started when you locked them out though, usually new guys don't have very much patience. Twitchy trigger fingers and flamers/shottys are probably the most deadly combo there is, as you repeatedly experienced. I sure am glad i wasn't there welded stuck with them

                Btw, I feel that sometimes people DO give noobs to much crap. Everybody’s a noob at certain things, at certain points of their lives. I think plain stupidity, misbehaviour and the fact that some people never listen or try cooperating is fair to condemn. But innocent new players who are dying to go online after a few sp missions could use a friendly welcome, backup and some tips given in a nice tone. I’ve seen lots of people meet these newcomers very gracefully, but also those who are very mean and short tempered, expecting them to know all about “the planâ€‌ no one told them.

                Maybe I’m not very objective about it though. I’m sticking buy the “little guyâ€‌ because I’m still at some degree one of them. And though I’ve got really pissed or laughed as hell, I haven’t yet experienced the amount of crazyness others have I guess. There sure are some hilarious and silly things going on online, and I know it can be very tiring. I’m not going to curse the world, leave the country and write protest songs on the road or anything, just wanted to share my thoughts.

                Oh, one more thing… I just realized the other day that even akimbo’s with high accuracy (on normal+) can be quite adequate TKers too, how’s that for a medic?


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                  As far as noobs go they can be quite Fun.
                  me and another guy once had to ride the Elevator Back UP! on rescue , to rescue a noob. . . somehow the noob died and I Tked the Otherguy on accident . . .

                  But I felt like a Hero! wootage
                  Smack the Planet!!!! -


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                    Some things are just plain funny. I won't mention his name (he wasn't really a n00b), but how can one person fall down holes and get stuck in boxes so many times. It was every game! Finally he said, "I think I'll leave my exploration to single player".

                    Anyway about n00bs, I don't mind it if someone's new so long as they don't join a server labelled HARD/INSANE ONLY. Then after dying, the say, "wow this is hard", and after someone points out we are playing on insane they say, "sorry this is my first time playing"...


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                      I was left at the top once (doing something I probably shouldn’t have), to scared to jump after the elavator since I died the previous time I tried it (double speed or harder difficulty?). Then a hero came up for me. I think people were really laughing then. Hehehe

                      PS. Didn’t TK anyone though

                      Carth: Guy getting stuck everywhere, I was there. That was funny too


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                        I only TKed the other guy who was going up with me because I was typing and I misclicked somehow. I didnt even see myself shooting, next thing I knew he was dead. And I was using the AG too. Its really quite Baffling.
                        Smack the Planet!!!! -


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                          One thing that amuses me is people really bragging about a certain skill before the game starts and your gut feeling turns out to be right about them. “The flamer is definitely my favourite weapon of choice, though I’m also very skilled with shotguns in crowded situations.â€‌ That’s probably the only time living hell puts a smile on my face. I almost wish for that kind of thing to happen. Of course, anyone can have a bad day. Or maybe alcohol is to blame, all I'm saying is that it can turn out pretty funny.

                          Pepito: I read your post really quickly and badly. I thought you were saying the noob waiting at the top was the one TKing when you arrived there. That’s why I quickly tried to save myself from any suspicion of being involved in the event you described.

                          Actually, I believe “my heroâ€‌ was none other than mr mitlancer, and that he and the others were trying to convince ole fluff to do the jump when I chickened out. *lol


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                            You need 1-2 flamers on insane to kill hordes of monsters and eggs faster

                            You don't need any on hard or easier...
                            you can take one to take out eggs faster but it really is not necessary...
                            it only gets really important once u hit insane...


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                              five newbies with flamers...
                              why didn't you tell them to carry rifles? Seriously, you should also feel responsible for helping them out, unless they blatantly refuese it, in which you can just spectate and let them have "fun"...