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    well, today was a ... strange day ... since sIX server was full and i don't have the pass, i figure i'll go rambo on easy/normal servers, so i'm playing as Jaeger, and after couple hrs we got to Uplink (YES u heard right, peep restarted at least 13 times on Research cuz hacker can't jump laser!!!) neway then some random noob comes in, figure it'll be fun to TK, so he started to tking peep, then we kicked him, he comes back in with another nick, [the 1st suggestion i have is kick by IP and block it], then he start to use my name, now how can u do that? :S :S :S donno? because the font for nicks is badly picked that u can't regenize the difference between CAPITAL I and lowercase l, so insead of PratizUnreal, he have it PratizUnreaI, pretty lame. so for the next 30 min i try to get my char asap, sadly the fake have a faster comp so he got my char before i do, so i just sid there watch, 1 thing is, he just can't copy the skills ^^ , neway 2nd suggestion is [next patch, plz change the font for names]

    neway thats my advanture for the day!!
    Tip 1: use sentry as a stair case
    Tip 2: walk on active mines so when alien gets near you, they burn

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    No can do sir, I think. This has been around in ut, ut2003, ut2004 and a dozen of mods for ut, ut2003 and ut2004.

    But i'm no dev for AS, I can't officialy say anything about this ... just sharing my thoughts.
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