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    Hey, im making this thread for people to post all their good strategies for using weapons, in which areas, what ways to use them and when, etc.

    I figure, hey, at least if we have a thread the people who read it might get better at the game. But i can't make any promises, my techniques may not be as good as the next poster's and theirs may not be as good as mine, but i think an attempt to hash out general effective strategy for weapons use could help to ease the tk frenzy (at least for the people who read this post )

    Since i can nearly get through reactor core with crash i think i'm fairly competent, so im going to share some of my more honed strategies for the guns im familiar with.

    The assault rifle: This gun isn't so great. it works on easy and normal, and is better then nothing, but if you have to use it there are some tips i have.
    1. Bad strategies
    A - Firing full auto. This is the worst strategy, and can be a nightmare for any team when combined with other bad strategies, making a compound migraine and several restarts likely on harder difficulty levels. Why? 1. you run out of ammo fast. 2. aliens weave back and forth so you miss a lot of shots. 3. you're slowed down while firing, making you an easier catch for the aliens. 4. after you run out of ammo you have to reload which slows you down MORE, making you EVEN EASIER for the aliens to catch and slaughter. That should be plenty of reason to avoid firing full auto.
    B - Running in circles while firing. A bad strategy, it can be used if you dont have anywhere to run BUT in circles, but you're most likely going to hit quite a few team mates unless you have GREAT aim. running in circles is a good evasive tactic for keeping the aliens from hitting you, but firing back also slows you down, defeating the purpose. so make a decision, run in circles, or fire at the enemy. not both.
    C - leaving your clip anywhere near 25% ammo. This is bad because you will quickly empty your ammo on the next target or two, causing you to have to reload, thus leaving your team to have to take the rest of the aliens while you reload. plus you're slowed down and make an easy alien snack. this isn't as bad as if you have a secondary weapon you can switch to it and stop the reload slow and still fire (presuming the secondary is loaded) but its still worth avoiding. just make sure someone brings an ammo pack
    D - Firing grenades indiscriminately. It can be hard to judge when to use and when not to use grenades. Big, if not obvious tip: if a teammate is within 180 degrees of where you are aiming (90 degrees to either side of the front of your guy) do not fire a grenade. you will more often then not paste your teammate, at best requiring a medic to patch him. use grenades only when the area you are aiming at is completely clear of ALL friendlies, and preferably when low on ammo and without support (ie; when bringing up the rear and assaulted by aliens). they can take out a good patch of aliens, but you are extremely limited ammo-wise, so use them only if its obvious your magazine of ammo wont stop the oncoming horde.

    2. Handy tips
    A - Keep the magazine above 25% full. heck keep it above 50% full if the circumstances allow it (ie; 2 or more ammo packs on the team or mission is nearly done and you have a surplus of clips). Be careful not to run out of ammo too quickly though, if you run completely out and are down to grenades, you wont last terribly long. so just be cautious but not unwilling to reload.
    B - Use grenades on hordes. Well, you do have them for a reason. plop them into a horde of oncoming (i repeat; ONCOMING) aliens. shooting them into a group that has already reached your team is begging to tk your own guys. if you're on point or rear, use them to guard the point or rear, they have no other useful purpose that doesn't involve tking half your team. try not to use them on small fries though, packs of 1-3 aliens on low difficulties should be handled by the bullets. even on insane dont bother with a grenade on more then 1 alien unless you're out of ammo on that magazine.
    C - Fight single targets. your assault rifle is not an autocannon. it cannot take on 5-6 aliens, well on easy it can, but thats the exception not the rule. pick off a single alien in the group and concentrate on him till he is dead. each bullet you hit him with will slow him (and each bullet you fire will slow you) so if you hit an alien and stick to him it removes that alien from the fight quickly, making everything easier on your team. spraying the whole group just provides maybe a half a second till the front alien hits your team, you're better off dividing their force then trying to slow the entire thing. remember its an assault rifle not an autocannon.
    D - Support the autocannon! Anything that saves the autocannon ammo is a good thing. shoot the targets the autogunner is shooting at if there isnt a more pressing concern. just be careful not to hit the autogunner himself.
    E - Dont 'clear' aliens off of teammates. if an alien gets close let the marine it goes after protect themselves, if you fire you will most likely just hurt them more then the alien would. if they get REALLY swamped, they're dead anyways, might as well let them keep the aliens on them and maybe they'll take out a few. there really is no way to help a marine with an alien on them without risking friendly fire, so it's a moot point to try and help them. remember, they should have a gun, and so long as it isnt a flamer they should be able to protect themselves without putting the group at risk. if it is a flamer and the bug is between him and the group... well, run.

    The P-Rifle: This gun is pretty decent compared to the normal assault rifle. The autoaim is a big plus since you waste a lot less ammo, making you more efficient and more likely to survive an encounter. Some basic rules still apply though, namely 1B,1C,1D, and 2A,2B,2D,2E. The p-rifle has some unique rules too that should be heeded.
    1. Things to avoid
    A - Ramboing and sticking in front of the heavy guns. The prifle is a considerable improvement of the assault rifle, but that doesnt make it the autogun. remember the heavy firepower in your group should be taking the front and back, and while you're better then nothing you are not heavy firepower. You do make a good support with your autoaim, just dont stick yourself IN FRONT of the autogunner, or you will be cut down by his fire.
    2. Handy tips
    Use stun grenades whenever an opportunity presents itself. make sure you are not aiming anywhere near a teammate, the blast is large on these although not in itself lethal. but it DOES slow teammates, any aliens not hit by the blast will find any slowed teammates VERY easy targets so be careful. good times to use them are when you hear wildcat or wolfe say 'reloading'. remember they are slow and vulnerable while reloading so covering their ass isnt a bad idea since they provide a lot of the withering fire for the team.

    the autocannon. This is a nice weapon. It is less useful on insane but it is pretty nice anyhow even then. it has some big disadvantages though, which you should be aware of.
    1. Stuff to avoid
    A - letting aliens get close. your gun is powerful but its not enough to stop all the aliens all the time. special weapons characters move slower then other characters, and firing full auto slows you down a LOT, even though it is necessary. use any opportunity to put distance between you and the aliens. fire in bursts and back pedal if you need to, anything to keep them as far away from you as possible. sometimes this wont work out and you'll have 3 aliens gnawing the name plate off your armor, and in that case there's nothing you can do but hope your gun finishes off and ask for more supporting fire in that area on the next time.
    B - remember team support is vital. no gun can beat the game alone. you need a p-rifle or a flamer up front supporting you, helping you take out enemies faster (particularly on harder difficulties!). just because you have a big rambo-style gun doesnt make you rambo (ok easy mode is deffinitely an exception the gun is pure cheese then).
    C - conserve ammo!!! Biggest rule for autogunners in my opinion. you can only carry 2 extra clips max (750 ammo) with an ammo pack, and a teammate can carry another ammo bag for 1000 rounds total. you shouldnt ever expect more then that in a mission unless you know there's some lying on the ground that the mapper placed. otherwise, be careful. dont fire indiscriminately into large areas, fire only if you have a target. I know it's tempting to let loose, the 250 round clips make you feel safe, but it's an illusion as you have very few clips to work with (an assault rifle with an ammo pack gets more ammo then you do with an ammo pack). Just dont fire when you dont see an enemy in front of you.
    D - Autoaim doesnt mean you cant TK. You can and probably will TK with the autocannon. the autoaim will instantly aim at any enemy even remotely in front of your character, and if any teammates are between the alien and you, he is going to catch some lead. either control your fire or move past the teammate or let the idiot who ran out front handle it himself. if he's going to be stupid about it let him get out of his own situation.
    2. handy tips
    A - When you see an enemy, fire liberally. that is what you are there for, your autogun autoaims, and so long as there aren't any teammates between you and the enemy, you should be churning out lead. there are exceptions on certain maps, where you desperately need the autogun to conserve ammo for a last stand or holdout type situation, so plan for those and choose the pointman prudently.
    B - Don't get in over your head. you can only kill so many enemies so fast, any more then that and you're going to get some battle scars. If you can tell a situation is about to get ugly (hint- when you're low on ammo it's about to get ugly) back up and allow your team to give you supporting fire. the LAST thing you want to do is let the aliens get close, because your team cant help you at all then, any firing they do will most likely TK you. so let them help out, supporting fire can and does make a difference!
    C - Monitor your ammo!!! If you're running low but you know you have to make the shots count ask a guy to help you take point so you have firepower when you need to reload. if aliens are coming at you and no one is firing at them because you're reloading, they are about to get all over you and rip you to pieces. 99% of the time this is why the autogunner falls, he runs out of ammo and has no support, so he autoreloads, which slows him down, and the aliens play fetch with his body parts. Just tell your teammates when you need support- a plan makes it 100x easier. make a bind if you have to!
    D - On harder difficulty levels you are a support gun. You are not the tank on hard/insane. you just aren't. you can weaken your foes, but the flamer is the real ass-kicker on the high difficulty levels. assist the flamer on high difficulty levels, working together makes the tough aliens a piece of cake, trying to be rambo will make your team a piece of cake for the aliens. Just keep in mind you cant do it alone on hard or insane!

    Flamer. Ahh the flamer, my favorite, not just because it's deadly, but because it has a high tendancy to be misused (along with the shotgun). I use flamer exclusively in some maps, i can't claim to be perfect with it but i'm pretty handy (although the occaisional marine does tend to spontaneously combust around me...)
    1. Things to avoid.
    A - firing with a teammate in any vicinity to the aliens you are shooting. the flamer creates a rather long field of fire in a straight line (more like a triangle with the point at your gun and the flat end where the aliens are). it is very hard to tell if you're going to hit your teammates at times, and sometimes you will randomly catch someone on fire you really didn't intend to. it takes some learning to use this weapon and not TK with it, so firstly be safe and dont use it until you've had a lot of single player practice (i suggest practicing on AO-Holdout, the hordes of aliens make great manuever practice and you can see how the field of fire works). Flaming teammates = bad. keep this in mind.
    B - Holding down fire is pretty useless. The flamer deals damage over time, it's true holding the flame on the bug increases the damage dealt, and in tight spaces this can save your ass, but in all likelyhood you're just going to waste precious, precious fuel, and force a very quick reload, leading you to die very very quickly. So just catch the enemy on fire and let them burn to death. on Insane you might need to blast em twice, sometimes they survive the initial burn!
    2. Handy tips
    A - Flamers make great defensive weapons. run backwards while flaming a wave of enemies, they will all catch on fire and all burn to death quite fast. the opposite is true for running straight at them- it's suicide. unless you plan on backing up quickly of course. the flamer's range shortens as you run forward (or at least it appears to) PLUS the weapon takes a few seconds to kill. running right into a bunch of pissed off flaming aliens isn't my idea of good strategy.
    B - Running in circles works for flamer! Fancy footwork with the flamer is fantastic. hehe. Step 1, catch enemy on fire. step 2, run backwards and keep them following you in a circle. step 3, watch them burst. step 4, rinse and repeat for any newcoming aliens. This is only a bad idea when you have teammates within 1 mile of you, so avoid this unless you are very good at fire control and have a good amount of practice with the flamer and know how to use the aliens against themselves.
    C - flamer slow aliens, more flaming aliens = better. anything that slows the oncoming horde is great, and if it does it constantly over time it's even better. this is what the flamer does, and just a quick wave of flame over them sets the enemies alight, forcing them to stumble slowly around making them easy targets (if you have to waste ammo on them... i wouldnt unless it was necessary, like you where against a wall). this can make it possible for you to get around alien hordes single handedly, just dont get cocky. random alien spawns will really kill you if you think you're hot shit. one alien behind you equals a screen full of red-eye, and let me tell you they are very hard to catch on fire when they get to the gunpoint.

    those tips cover the guns i'm fairly good with, anyone else feel like contributing?

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    On flamers, don't use a flame sprial by spinning around. It wastes ammo, and sets teammates on fire.
    You spoony bard!


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      Good shiznit. A few notes of my own:

      Never ever ever fire the autocannon directly and an ally (unless playing hardcore mode). There is simply no reason for it. Ever. If there is an enemy in the vicinity, shoot NEXT to the ally/enemy. The AG will autoaim just fine, and begin sending bullets to your cursor (wherever that may be) after all hostiles in your firing cone are killed.

      The autogun CAN be used to pluck enemies off of allies. But ONLY if the angle formed between you, the alien, and your ally (with the alien as the vertex) is GREATER than 90 degrees.

      I'll try to show you what I mean. Assuming you're wolfe, your ally is crash, and the "X" is an alien (ignore the periods):

      This is exactly 90 degrees:
      X . . . .

      This is LESS than 90 degrees:
      . . . . .

      This is GREATER than 90 degrees:
      . . . . . .

      This is 180 degrees (the ideal plucking situation):


      The key is to ONLY FIRE ONE OR TWO ROUNDS. Why? Because then you're garanteed that your fire will ONLY hit the alien. No overkill. And it will give your ally some space so they stop taking damage. However, this is assuming that your ally is running away from the alien. If your ally is standing there (not necessarily a stupid idea on his part in some situations) or if he's out of ammo, you need to get some Elite skills. It helps to play the game 8 hours a day for 2 weeks. Then you'll start knowing exactly how many rounds it will take to bring down an alien with whatever weapon you're using. You'll need to fire that exact number of rounds at the alien to KILL IT. But it's better for most people just to let the alien eat your friend if he's not running... it beats having a TK pop up on the screen.
      And remember my first note: Your cursor should NOT be ON the ally/enemy, but NEXT to the happy couple.

      About the Flamer:
      It ALWAYS takes more than one burning session to kill an alien on insane. The fire has a countdown from the time you last hit the alien with the flamer. You can reset the countdown at any time by brushing them with the flamer again. Just flame the alien, wait 2 seconds or more, then flame them again. That will take down the insane aliens.

      More on PLUCKING (pulling enemies off allies):
      I think most people can acquire the skill to do some minor plucking with the autogun. However, using other weapons becomes much more complicated. The shotgun and pistol require EXACTLY 90 degrees for plucking (see above illustrations). Any variance off 90 degrees, and your margin of error shrinks exponentially. This is because the projectiles from these weapons continue THROUGH enemies. Also, these weapons are so damned leathal, that either you're the savior of your ally, or you're the murderer of your ally. So don't try it unless you're 1) in slow motion mode 2) a member of clan six.
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        A few thoughts about the pistol(s)...

        I'm assuming you'd only ever take the pistol if you're a . I can't really see any other reason why you'd want to take 'em...

        They're suprisingly powerful weapons - a couple of rounds will drop most bugs on easy/normal - but you really need to place your shots. Bear in mind they actually fire projectiles, like the shotgun, rather than the instant-hit rifle. Practice lots, and the akimbos in particular can be an excellent all-purpose weapon.

        If you want to get the akimbos, try and get them early - ReactorCore and Rescue are good maps for this. That said, don't get cocky and rush off to get those 20 kills at the expense of your team!

        A good player can often handle small groups with the akimbos, with the increased fire rate, but they'll get the better of most players if you only have a single one. Not a great front-line weapon.

        Medics using the pistol(s) and two satchels should stick to the middle of the group, where they're equally close to the front and rear should anyone be hurt. More than anything, the pistol is a self-defence weapon for these guys - that said, if you use up one of your med satchels, don't be afraid to grab a gun from one of your fallen allies.

        You can 'pluck' enemies off your teammates with the pistol, as it's incredibly accurate, but you've got to have a good angle and be a reasonably good shot. The '90 degrees' angle, as described in the post above, is probably the best one - a 180 degree shot is much more dangerous, as there's a high chance the bullet will go straight through the bug and into your teammate! Slow-mo moments are pistol for pistol-plucking.

        Watch your ammo with the akimbos. Even the AI seems to chew through those mags at an alarming rate, so once again it's best save 'em for self-defence. Pistol ammo pickups are pretty rare.


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          Monky, that is one hell of a long post. If you want more people to read it (and there's some good advice in there) you should break it up some more and mark the the main points with bold or underline.

          Anyways, here's my tips.

          Flamer licking
          On anything below insane you need only set an alien on fire, then simply avoid the slow moving alien. It will die eventually. There's no need to stand there holding down fire, a quick lick across a swarm is sufficient. The flamer is very good with ammo and you can do this using hardly any, so you can flame again to kill quicker.

          How the flamer works
          This was discovered by experimentation on marines (in SP). The flame does a lot of direct damage, therefore holding down fire on an alien will kill it quickly. This uses a lot of ammo though. Once you flame an alien and it is on fire, it will take fire damage for a short time (didn't time it, anyone know how long?). An alien on fire is also slowed, allowing for the flamer licking strategy above.

          Shotgun without tk
          You read it right. It's simple, fire at walls. Strafe and circle around the alien and fire at the wall. You need to fire slightly ahead to get all 3 shots of the spread in the alien and get a good kill. If you miss or it doesn't die, fire again immediately, don't wait for the reload noise, you don't need to. IF the alien is close enough you can fire directly at it, after playing for a while you will know this distance (you need all 3 of the bullets in the alien to avoid hitting a marine).

          Practise precise shots while a stim is active, and in no time you'll be able to get them 90% of the time without a stim.

          When to reload (assault shotgun)
          When you have 2 or 3 shots left and there are no aliens.

          Shotgun "corner" firing
          You can aim the two outer bullets of the three at an alien so long as you know where the other two are going (a wall perhaps ). Why bother? Well the shotgun is an excellent weapon for "plucking" aliens off marines, PROVIDED THEY ARE STATIONARY. You read right again, but I don't condone doing this unless you are precise with the shottie. I don't want a lot of people shooting their team-mates and saying "Carth told me to do it".

          Move backwards (all weapons)
          Don't just stand there. There are alien running at you. After firing the shotgun, move back before you even know you have hit. You might have missed . After flaming a swarm move back and dodge them. If you are shooting with the pistol you must move back, it's very easy to miss.

          Firing slows the aliens (all rifles)
          This applies to all rifles, but works best with the autogun and P-Rifle. Fire short bursts at each alien to slow them all, then go for the kill. This works especially well while a stim is active, but works all the time. One thing though, with short controlled bursts be careful of autoaim FF. As Sniper mentioned, it can jump round 90 degrees and kill a team-mate. We've all had it happen, "wtf my fire was no where near you".

          Holding down fire
          Don't do it. 70% of the time you will hit a friendly. Eventually you will know how long it takes to kill an alien, stop firing just before. This is how autogunners kill people off the screen, they hold down fire shooting the aliens that might be there, but someone already cleared it. Wait until you see the aliens, if you want to see further move the crosshair right to the edge.

          Turning round with stims
          When you turn to shoot an alien behind you, the stim makes you turn slowly, but you can still fire. Don't wait to see your marine face the right direction.


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            Don't get in the way
            If you see a fellow marine running backwards don't just stand there. This really REALLY annoys me. Think WHY the person is running backwards. Are they avoiding an alien/parasite or reloading? Definitely. You need to run back with them or move out of the way for them. Otherwise they back into you and get infected or have an alien face hugging them.


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              I might go through and shorten my initial post later, but then again i'm real lazy.

              Re: what Carth said, DONT GET IN DA WAY
              Stay at least a few in game feet from nearby players and follow their movement, if you run into eachother it makes it hard for either of you to move and someone inevitably gets tackled by an alien. furthermore the closer a teammate is to you the easier it is to hit them with friendly fire, so keeping a distance between you is good. don't be mindless and charge ahead when the front line is falling back.

              if at any time a friendly is in front of you, let him handle the firing!
              unless it is absolutely necessary and planned out you need to fire. half the time your friendly will run in front of you as you try to take out an alien and catch your shotgun pellets or flamer stream, there is no good reason why, it just happens. so plan to avoid it!


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                Keep in formation
                This is essential in any Hard/Insane mission. Wildcat/Wolfe take point 95% of the time. You may be able to plow through aliens without breaking a sweat on easy; but it takes 10-20 rifle shots / 3 pistol shots / or even 2 shotgun blasts to down a single alien on hard/insane, so taking on a group of aliens is out of the question. Since most aliens come to you in numbers and that most of the packs of aliens come to the front of the group, only the hw guys are able to take all of them with their 250 bullet ammo clip.
                Usually techs & medics can stay in the middle of the group. Techs are almost always a mission essential and requires a restart if they die. Medics have the least distance to cover when healing a teammate since they're halfway between the front & back.
                Ideally, explosives cover rear since they can lay mines to cover their tracks (a great example of this is the 1st corridor in barracks: you can lay mines to suppress the onslaught but you should be the last one thru) as well as great spread & stopping power for their shotguns. Additionally, explosives in the rear usually have the most space to maneuver around, which is essential considering the pump action nature of the shotguns.

                A note on ammo shortages
                It's very easy to rely on Heavy Weapons Specialists to forge ahead through the mission. Unfortunately, this leaves them dry about 3/4 through the mission. You can take some of the burden by giving support fire while they're laying down theirs. A shotgunner on the flanks of a hw guy can be very helpful in bagging those 1 or 2 aliens that are way too close to your teammate for comfort, conserving the autogun ammo as well as some med satchel heals. Great care must be taken with autoaim support weapons, however. With distances that close, it's very easy for you to actually hit your teammate which is why it's important to follow Sniper007's 90 degree firing angle strategy whenever possible. Also, it's extremely important that you don't get in the way of their: 1) line of fire and 2) way (that's so damn important I'm going to say it again). DON'T GET IN THEIR WAY
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                  I disagree , on hard/Insane , from my experience , its infinitely better to have a good Shotgunner , or someone who can dance with flames taking Point , as opposed to wolfe or Wildcat. With wildcat and Wolfe there to keep the aliens at arms length while the flamer or shotgunner reloads.
                  Smack the Planet!!!! -


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                    The PHYSICS of your AIMING

                    This is rather difficult to comprehend in a two dimensional world, so try your best to remember that Alien Swarm is STILL in truth, a THREE DIMENSIONAL SHOOTER.

                    Your gun is ALWAYS POINTING at where your CURSOR is in THREE DIMENSIONAL SPACE, NOT just TWO dimensions.

                    Here is why that's important: If an enemy is a few feet away directly in front of you and you are aiming directly in line with him, but your cursor is WAY BEYOND, and resting on say, a raised platform, chances are your bullets will sail right OVER the enemy. It will APPEAR that you hit him directly, but your bullets are passing OVER the enemy to where you are AIMING: Slightly above, due to your cursor's raised elevation.

                    This may seem anal, but understanding the physics will allow you to kill a single alien that is SURROUNED by allies using a shotgun (something which I have done on more than one ocasion). It also lets you fire freely over the heads of allies to get parasites dropping down from the cieling. You can also place your cursor on an alien that is ABOVE you or your allies, and KILL IT with a shotgun (or weapon of your choice) before it even gets halfway to the ground (best done is slow mow ).

                    I still don't fully understand why sometimes you'll shoot at the ground directly infront of you (where your cursor is located) and sometimes you'll shoot straight ahead, level with the ground. It may have something to do with your own elevation relative to your cursor or aiming directly behind an enemy... I don't know, but I sure wish I did. It's pretty important.

                    Oh, and about the Flamer/Shottgun versus Autogunner taking point:
                    Both work, and both are equally valid, but one requires more skill. And it also depends upon the ammo requirements of the level.
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                      Good point combos
                      2 autogunners
                      advantages: can quickly annihilate oncoming enemies, can keep fire going for quite a while.
                      disadvantages: constant use can run ammo dry, they cant back pedal much while firing (slow) so if they are overpowered things will get hairy.
                      recomended when: you are charging through normal corridors with standard alien spawns ahead (ie; no massive waves of aliens) and when you are not trying to conserve ammo (like for the last stand part of salvage)
                      Shotty, prifle and autogunner
                      advantages: can take out bugs that get close while whittling down the horde, good in close ranges
                      disadvantages: possible to tk, less long range autoaiming firepower so large swarms will be able to get closer
                      recomnded when: close range forces you to. autogunners dont take out enemies quickly enough in tight spaces so a shotgun is a great supliment to their abilities. a p-rifle helps correct for some of the firepower shortage and can really make it a lot safer.
                      Flamer + autogunner
                      advantages: great firepower and is ammo efficient, plus it slows enemies making it good vs hordes
                      disadvantages: higher risk of tk-by-flame and the aliens have to get close for the flamer to hit them
                      recomended when: you need to slow the aliens in a defensive manner (salvage is a good example when waiting for dropship) to keep things clean and efficient. this doesnt take out single enemies with great speed but it makes hordes much easier to handle, but it is best to use in a defensive situation.

                      general point advice
                      2 prifles can generally equal one autogunner in overall firepower/efficiency so if you have techs and are running through a tough part of the map make sure you're using them right and supporting the AG's, keep the enemies from reaching the AG by supplimenting their firepower. 3 ag's is better then 2! you can use them by tagging one tech to each ag for a better-then-standard 2 ag style front or combine the 2 techs firepower so you can set up 3 heavy weapons positions (good for clearing 3 way intersections). it also really helps reduce ammo consumption for the AG and spread out the ammo drop across the group so no one has a dry gun.
                      Other then that explosives can also charge a path and clear ahead while the autogunners cover the flanks, they need to stick together for this to work though!


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                        Special skill
                        If you are in a campaign it is very useful to have tech marines with a high tech skill, it allows you to hack consoles to get turrets. It also improves your P-Rifle to rival that of an autogun.

                        The explosives skill gets you flame-proof armour at level 5 which is not especially useful but handy to have it the team is flamer crazy. It does allow you to run through your own mines though, speaking of which, level 3 and above mines are excellent. Use them to cover your tracks and hold areas.

                        The heavy weapon skill makes the autoguns good (at level 1 they are fairly crap).

                        The medic skill allows you to heal more, but every medic should be striving for that level 5 heal which cures parasites. If you only get 1 skill point to spend put it in special, and try to get those haloes.

                        Don't underestimate the movement skill
                        A lot of people go straight for health or accuracy, but movement is incredibly underrated by a lot of people. Movement allows you to reload faster, and that means you don't die when you reload! Very useful! Movement also allows you to move faster, which means aliens become a lot easier to dodge. This is useful for slow autogunners, shotgunners who need to move around while firing to get the aim right, pistol wielders who need to move because they miss (although the pistol doesn't impede movement very much), the flamer to weave in between aliens and the P-Rifle because it needs to reload so often. That's every weapon and class that it is useful to.

                        It's true that with health you can take more damage, but with movement you hopefully won't take that damage.

                        The behemoth (uplink boss): tactics
                        1) The behemoth can infect you if it attacks you head on.
                        2) Incendiary grenades knock the behemoth back a long way.
                        3) The tech marine should use stun grenades to slow the behemoth, but try not to get other marines (or yourself) because there are aliens dropping all the time.
                        4) Mines can own the behemoth. If done correctly Sarge or Jaeger can take it out by himself by mining an area and then continually knocking it back onto the mines.
                        5) The behemoth has a charge attack, learn to detect it and then jump out of the way (this is where your high movemen't comes in)
                        6) Sentries against the east wall where you come in are useful. They take out the annoying aliens and shoot the behemoth if it comes too near.
                        7) The medic should try to stay by the sentries and take out aliens. If you are hurt/infected go back to this east wall and get healed.
                        8) Flame the behemoth (carefully) to slow it (and damage it).
                        9) When it is dead be careful of the south exit, don't stand there and die/get shot.
                        10) The golden rule: Constant stims please.

                        I'm sure there's more, post any tactics you've found useful on the big guy.


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                          uplink tactics continued
                          You can wall off a 'safe zone' with 2 turrets in the bottom right or top right corner. the way you do this is simple. sit your marine with the turrets in this corner, deploy one turret directly west of him, this keeps the boss from coming in that direction. then set on directly north or south of that turret depending on which corner you are in (north corner- place turret south, south corner place it north). this also tends to handle smaller aliens. sit the medic behind the turrets and run to him when parasited or heavily wounded. if you're making a last stand it's also a safe place to sit and shoot him from whenever he comes near. if you can carry more turrets, then you can make a larger 'safe zone'. 3 turrets can safely protect 4 people in the right setup, leaving as few marines to be caught and infested as possible.


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                            Tips for medics...

                            Medic Tips

                            Middle of the group is generally best for healing, though I've seen some take the rear quite confidently as well with flamer/shotty/rifles. I wouldn't recommend this if you're only carrying a pistol and two satchels, however - in that state, you're too useful to the team to die.

                            If you choose to take a rifle, take flares or stims rather than a flashlight - these benefit the whole team rather than just yourself.

                            High-level medics on higher difficulty levels often prefer to pack more firepower. Whilst the aliens do dish out more damage, you can usually get away with taking a shotty or flamer as the better players don't seem to get hurt as much. Plus, when they do get hurt, they're much more likely to die.

                            If you aren't level 5 and someone gets infested on the highest difficulty level, TK them ASAP. The parasites they leave can decimate a team in moments.

                            Don't rush - even in frantic maps like Barracks, there are moments when the team can stop and reload/heal. As you don't have a primary combat role, think of yourself as the 'mother hen' of the group - you can afford to keep an eye on equipment before the mission, and watch the ammo during it.

                            Medics can also be good at directing sentry/mine placement, as they can afford to stop and type more than, say, an autogunner.

                            Walking is great for keeping an eye on your teammates health whilst they push slowly ahead.

                            Don't go running off looking for that n00b who's calling for you from the otherside of the map - you'll most likely get overwhelmed and die along with him. If you can't find a marine who's injured in the near vicinity, let them come to you - don't leave the safety of the team. It's their fault for running off alone.

                            I generally wait until a marine is at less than 3/4 health before I heal them, though most of the time it depends on the mission and the difficulty level. On the other hand, if you're at the very, very end of the mission it's often worth 'topping up' everyone's health to try and get that Silver Halo. This is also a good idea before the big encounters (such as the Uplink boss and the bit at the end of Barracks) but always leave a few charges in case you need to heal people during the fighting as well.

                            The 'shout inventory' button comes in handy for letting your teammates know how many satchels you have left.

                            And since it's easy to forget about these, there are the three techniques for healing:

                            1. The 'Use' key. Hit your 'use' key whilst
                            Pros - You don't need to take your eyes off the action.
                            Cons - It's quite easy to accidentally heal yourself if your patient moves away quickly, or heal someone less deserving if they get in the way.
                            - If standing next to a button or over an item, you could activate that instead.

                            (a hotkey to heal the weakest marine within range would be really useful, in a future version...)

                            2. The Picture Method. Right-click on the portrait of the marine you want to heal once you're close enough - you'll know when you get a 'Heal This Marine' message when you wave your mouse over it. I think a little medical symbol comes up beside them too. You'll know when they're being healed if the message doesn't appear (although it'd be cool if their flashed blue once when you first apply the medsatchel - it can be tricky to tell if it's worked with stims).

                            Pros - Very 'accurate' - it's impossible to heal yourself or anyone other than your target.
                            Cons - Requires you to take your eyes off the action - even if it's just a split second, this can be detrimental in an intense firefight.

                            3. The 'Little Icon At The Bottom-Left Of The Screen' method. Click it whilst facing a damaged marine.

                            Pros - Accurate...and that's it.
                            Cons - The icon will disappear if you're not facing the marine directly, so if he's to the NW of you and you try and click it, you'll turn around and be unable to. Too clumsy to be of any use.


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                              A higher level medic can get away with carrying a flamer/shotty and stims as well since their heals count for more at that level. only if you find you cant do it with one pack and you have a high level medic would i ditch the gun. firepower/stims are the best prevention, and prevention is the best medicine. thats what I say.

                              generally if below level 3 in medical though 2 med packs is essential on hard or insane.