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Newbies think I'm an ass. And I am glad.

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  • Newbies think I'm an ass. And I am glad.

    Maybe they won't come on my server anymore...
    I have a really good time and am very friendly with clan mates and people who actually know how to play...
    I mean...I'll just give you a few example of pure noob stuff I just saw in the last minutes...

    1) Wolfe sealing all doors in reactor core staying behind and needing 982198124 damned heals...
    2) Wolfe staying behind and holding the trigger because he has "autoaim" thinking it would not hit teammates
    3) People with flamer shooting aliens thinking the fire would stop at the alien and not go beyond it, hitting teammates
    4) People that take stims but literally dont know how to use them
    5) People staying behind killing aliens where there are infinite spawns thinking it would help...Guess what happened when they reloaded?
    6) People running into vents on reactor core with 2 bullets left in their clip.
    7) People knowing how to use stims and not using it when 2 aliens drop from the sky in the middle of us all...guess what the flamer noobs do when it happens?
    8) People thinking flaming parasites cant parasite you.
    9) People shooting a full clip of rifle on an alien that is attacking an ally...What do you think happens when the alien dies?
    10) People running in my line of fire when it is stimmed and they have no aliens on them...I just dont bother to stop firing anymore They can just die for all I care...

    The best example:

    11) We were on reactor core on insane, we had 4 alive at the last part where we are at the entrance of the big room where you exit to the ship...we were doing shoulder to shoulder and 1 had far everything was right we were killing all aliens...when there was no alien left (i know it was infinite spawn but we were safe for at least 7 seconds which is more than we need to run) I yell on the microphone "RUN TO THE SHIP RUN TO THE SHIP" and everyone clearly understood...the guy with the flamer decides to toast my ass while i was running and there was absolutely no alien in sight...
    He then says "sorry"

    dude fuck off...if you cant play insane dont play insane...if you cant use the flamer dont use the flamer...if you cant use shotty dont use the shotty...
    Noobs stay away from hard and insane for christs sake...

    I understand everyone was a noobie once, but if you are dont go to the servers set on hard/insane...
    before even trying insane beat the normal campaign on single player at LEAST.

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    Originally posted by Angel-of-sIX
    I understand everyone was a noobie once, but if you are dont go to the servers set on hard/insane...
    Arrrgh why do they keep joining? I don't think they read the server name. Someone was actually on the sIX clan server the other day who said it was his first time playing.


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      Angel, you beat research on insane, 1 player yet?
      You spoony bard!


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        Hey, even i think your an ass, every one has the right (Read "has the right" : Obligation) to do so.


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          Originally posted by Angel-of-sIX
          11)"RUN TO THE SHIP RUN TO THE SHIP" and everyone clearly understood...
          Everyone clearly understood? Remember voice is garbled half the time.

          Here is my side of the story.

          I was infront killing the aliens, we cleared most of the aliens and seeing nothing in front of me, my plan was to go first and flame left and up and keep running to the ship, I think I reloaded and started to flame left. That is when your voice registered, I took my finger off the mouse button and started running when I see you on flames in front of me.

          My reaction wasn't fast enough, I can't hear your comments very well as its over the net, takes some time to register what you are saying, esp if I'm in front watching out for aliens, my ping was above 500, there was no stim, it was a mistake.

          Yes I said I'm sorry, what else do you expect me to say? I certainly didn't expect everyone to start running for it when I'm in front with the flamer, I expect them to wait for me to go first flaming.

          Nobody called you an ass, they just said they find it a learning experience, that people make mistakes, that it was fun etc

          I'm not good enough to win reactor core insane solo half the time now, because I make mistakes. I certainly have less experience playing insane with a full team(I double on lan on insane) and certainly expect a lot of mistakes(remember flamers are frowned upon on other servers so I don't get to use them much) and restarts. Where else can I get the experience than on your server? We may not be as experienced as your clan mates when it comes to team work on insane, but we learn faster when we play with you.

          Where else can I learn that stun grenades slow players more than aliens? I can't tell the difference, and I'm sure stunning doesn't affect reload speed so I tend to help players who are reloading and running away from aliens by stunning both of them, hoping that it will give more time for him to reload before the alien reaches him so he can shoot it. A bad idea in your situation then as it was too close. Does anyone agree with me that stunning aliens and people who are reloading is a viable tactic?

          I know it can be frustrating when people make mistakes or bad decisions, especially from your elite point of view, but honesty you need to chill out; someone accidently shoots me in battle and you had to demand who shot me... are you going to tell him off or kick him? why so strict? I just laught it off if I get tked by accident in such a messy situation. Its your server, but take it easy man. But at least you didn't start kicking everybody out.
          Last edited by reallybadplayer; 23 Jun 2004, 02:47 PM.


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            I'm not gonna start kicking everyone out cuz you will learn eventually...
            I was the first one to take your defense bro and when someone shot you I asked you who shot you so I would just kill him...
            That's harsh, I know it and I will do it.
            Your not helping much with your name though..."reallybadplayer" on the forums and "n00b" ingame...I suggest you change that but that's not the point here...
            I will play with you again and if you make mistakes that cause us to lose a mission we were about to win I will be pissed but I will still play...
            If I play with people and I make a mistake that makes us lose a mission we were close to completing, I expect them to be pissed and I will understand.
            When you are ready, I will be the first one to ask you to play with us but it is in my nature to get mad at people who fuck up. Even if that's me.
            That's how you get good. Every small mistake must be counted as a huge one.
            When I play research on insane with 1 marine, every single hit an alien gets on me or when I miss an alien with the flamer costing me more ammo to kill him, that is a mistake and I can not say "ah not important" cuz I won't get better.
            BTW sigma I made it to the crates still working on the exit.
            I am not strict like that on single missions because they really are not that important but on campaign I expect everyone to play their best when we are doing insane campaign. I expect everyone to play perfect and if they don't I expect them to learn and get better and be mad at themselves for making mistakes.
            Maybe I am taking this too seriously, but when I play with my clan we have a very good time and because of all the efforts we made into getting better, at that point, a little mistake does not count as a huge mistake.

            About Sohtaraz, he thinks I am an ass cuz he's jealous and it's pretty obvious, see all previous posts I made in which he posted.


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              Reallybadplayer, you didnt really do anything wrong from yourside of the story, i use the same tactics in LAN i dont get flamed ones, imho, its the clanies. I just get pissed off with the shotguns, keep them rushing, and out of my face/ass. And hes not elite, not even near elite if he gets up to whining like that, hes just "cool clanie". If there wore 2 clans, things might be difrent. Imho, you should try pickup if you want to have a good game. There are some ppl (Video, Carth is good, P-whatever, DJ...) who usually play well and adept to new situation quite well.


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                Sohtaraz, I have never had a problem with people saying they were better than others as long as they actually are...
                What is your in-game name?
                What are your accomplishments?
                You keep talking like you were so almighty but have you even ever played on insane?
                Pickup games run on easy and normal, hard at MOST.
                To quote you:
                "There are some ppl who usually play well" and you mentionned Carth...
                The way you talk about him you must be one hell of an elite player because carth is very good...So who are you and what have you completed so far?


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                  Oh the drama...your l33t vs my l33t
                  I have no mapping, coding or scripting knowledge. I am merely a player of games. My purpose on these forums is to throw out random ideas produced by my warp-fethed brain in the vain hope that someone more talented can realise my dream


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                    Don't make me join your server, and show you how to really use a flamer.


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                      Chill, Angel, chill.
                      Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                        I’m not looking for trouble or anything, just felt I should comment that reading your posts that you told us too makes you look like the overly defensive arrogant one, not Sohtaraz. I’m not claiming I know you, and your attitude makes me not want to, this is merely the impression I got.

                        I don’t get it, when did computer games stop being just for fun? Whatever level of experience you got. It’s not like a profession or anything. Not that it’s any of my business, but I’m quite curious about your age angel. I do believe in your right to express your opinion and all, that’s why I’m using that very same right here.

                        Of course you’re right. Those who aren’t hardcore should be wary and not join HARD/INSANE - NO NOOB servers, that’s just stupid and begging for enemies. But the impression I get from reading this thread tells me n00b actually is pretty good, am I right?

                        Anyways… Make love, not war.


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                          Sohtaraz replied to every single one of my posts so far on this forum and all he said was that sIX sucked and that I was a noob.
                          I have made my proofs, he has not.
                          Show us what you are capable of Sohtaraz or do the planet a favor and shut up.
                          That is my point.

                          As for the fun factor, I play this game for fun and this is the one reason I don't want noobs to join my server. They ruin my fun. I'm 19, I work full time and I go to university so the time I spend playing I do not want it ruined by some random noobie. I find fun to complete missions on insane difficulty and noobs make it impossible.

                          If you are good, you will enjoy playing with me I can tell.
                          If you are a noobie, you will learn a lot but might not enjoy it so much.

                          In other words:

                          Newbies: stay away from my servers.
                          Good players: come as you wish and enjoy the game!

                          Sohtaraz: I have yet to see which one of these you are.


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                            I was there lol... ^^\m/

                            [Edit]- I mean the game that u talked about in your 1st post... Those were some pretty big n00bs in that game...
                            Wolfe: WHY...WON'T...YOU...DIE!!!!
                            Parasite: MWHAAHHAAHAHHA!!!!


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                              I was going to reply with something about special olympics and fighting on the net, but I won't. Come on people!