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Insane campaign tonight! Come!

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  • Insane campaign tonight! Come!

    Meet on channel sIX on
    or on clan six servers...
    will use as many servers as we need...

    I should be there around 18:00-19:00 Eastern time (GMT-5)
    Whoever wants to join is welcomed as long as you think you can handle'll be a great learning experience for everyone I'm sure!
    see you there!

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    I'll come Angel mwhahahah...Thats 6:00-7:00 right? It can give me a chance to use my new headset... If I can even find the key to the car that it's in... I forgot to take it out lastnight hehe... I was mad tired... I didn't even bother to change to go to sleep lol... I fell asleep in my NBA jersey and G-Unit shorts on lol...

    [Edit-]I was wondering...If I live in New Jersey, then what time would it be?
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      So that's 23:00 - 0:00 GMT right? That's fine, see you there.


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        My boss sucks. I worked an 18 hour shift, got 5 ours of sleep, and now I have to work another 9 hours. I hate being a manager sometimes.

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          Oooo I Wanna Play In The Campane!