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    To whomever is the wonderful person running the Six servers:

    Somewhere from between 3-5 PM, PST, on what I believe to be the Six Server 2, (Namely, the one that was stuck on Salvage for 6 hours, and had people playing through most of the day), the players were blessed with a TKer. He would pack the flamer, or the shotgun, and immediately at the start of the map, would TK the entire team. He was kicked at least a dozen times via kickvote, but he kept coming back with different names, and even changed his name to the name of a person who just left. After a few rounds, the 5 players (Including me) would either ask anyone who showed up to leave, or would auto-kick those people - it went on for at least a half hour. Fortunately, some people we knew joined, and that was over with, however, the rager probably just moved on.

    I am on my knees here - could you PLEASE, PLEASE (I'll give you a cookie) ban whomever did that? Much of the conversation was in voice chat, but it should be clear in the logs, as to who the fucktwit was. His only intent is ruining games - it seems pretty clear. And pretty sad. I guess that people like him IS what happens when they throw away the baby, and raise the afterbirth.

    Of course, with the way our luck was going today, he's got dynamic IPs...

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    Its like some people have nothing better to do with themselves, what an 'A' class Wanker.
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      Is it not possible to ban someone using their CD-key rather than IP?


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        Everyone has a unique player ID.

        use perl;


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          I am running the servers...theres a way to ban with the person's specific player ID...
          However I am not a pro at these things yet so I'll have to go through my logs to see who you are talking about...If I can...
          Can you give more details? What was his name at first? That would help pretty much I'd say...
          Thank you for reporting him to me, I am in the process of giving more admin status to my clanmates...Currently only I and Snipr have admin but I will give it to other members I trust soon enough.


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            Next time you want someone banned, please use the private messaging feature, not the public boards.
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              Originally posted by Akalamanaia
              Next time you want someone banned, please use the private messaging feature, not the public boards.
              I don't see anything wrong with using this public forum.

              We haven't set up a server forum for AS like we did with ThieveryUT, so he couldn't ask there - and he also didn't know who to ask, thus posting here was the only option he had.


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                At some point, the lamer joined in with a name that I forget, then the player "Bombkit" left, and that lamer changed his name to "Bombkit". I saw it happen, so I warned the team, but they didn't believe me. What do you know - as the map starts, he TKs.

                I don't remember his first name. He changed it so many times (Out of game). He did come back as Nooblet at the beginning of the fiasco, I think.

                Also, in the logs, at one point, we asked a guy we suspected to be the lamer (Who was the lamer) to not take a flamer. He took a shotgun. We told him not to take a shotgun. He ended up taking the pistol. (And killed us half way through the map)

                The fiasco stopped when Spanky entered the game, resulting in the server filling up - the waste of biomatter couldn't rejoin afterwards.

                I hope those narrowed it down for you.


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                  Maybe he was inspired by the "101 ways to play Alien Swarm" thread...


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                    I think this tread is a good idea to let people in on the resident assholes of our beloved gaming community.
                    "Who's the moron who put a moron like me in charge?"


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                      Originally posted by Akalamanaia
                      Next time you want someone banned, please use the private messaging feature, not the public boards.
                      The six clan servers have become a big part of the alien swarm community and a lot of people on the boards play with six clan or on their servers.