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  • Muzzle Flashes!!!

    I brought this up before briefly in another thread , but noone really responded so I'm bringing this up again.

    The Muzzleflash on the Smartgun could use changing. Right now it uses the UT2k3 Minigun muzzle flash. It should be using the UT2k4 Minigun muzzleflash , which is substantiallybetter looking!!!

    Go into 3rd person view and check out the UT2k4 Minigun (or in AS use the loaded command and toss your AS weapons so you can cycle properly) There is a VERY noticable difference between the two muzzleflashes , and the UT2k4 one is generally more desirable.

    EDIT: Also , make this , Or I'll send the N Man after you!
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    Originally posted by Pepito
    EDIT: Also , make this , Or I'll send the N Man after you!
    Or, at least, put a mesh of it into a map. When you try to use it, you trigger an infinite spawn of parasites all over the level, for your greed. (You should let your team use it, not hog it, ye greedy punk)