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    Just letting everyone know that i now have added AlienSwarm maps to my download files @ maps4mods
    I have been hosting maps for a few other mods for a while now and have been asked several times to host AlienSwarm maps too.So here you have it.

    If anyone has a map they want hosting please let me know and it'll be up very quickly.
    PM me or catch me on my irc channel @ irc:// for map upload details.
    Or you can just email it to me at [email protected]

    Oh yeah,these maps are what i have found so far if any have been replaced or are not needed anymore,or i have missed any out.Please let me know.Thanks.
    For all the AlienSwarm maps.... maps4mods

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    Woot! You found DanselResearchMyassFacility! Good job. Will check it out later.


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      It exists?!? Who made it, and where did it come from? I'll check it out immediately...

      Btw, nice to have another download site


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        jup .. it really exists ;-) I added it to our servers ...



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          Just a small site update....
          I've added an AlienSwarm serverstats page to the site that lets you see who's playing,what map,scores etc and also lets you join game.
          You may or may not use it but it does get used fairly often for other mods,especially if master server is down.
          There's a little plugin that need installing,after that you should see something like this for each server....

          I'll be adding more servers to the list over next day or 2,any servers that you would like included let me know.Serverstats
          For all the AlienSwarm maps.... maps4mods


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            Thanks for that, it'll be useful for me. You've got the servers I usually visit as well Maybe get both Multiplay Pickup servers?


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              Wow, what a nice feature. It’s nice being able to check out servers without starting up the game. I just tried it out and it works fine. I’m looking forward to see more servers added, but it’s hard to tell which ones since I pretty much join anything available.

              Thank you for that and for the map hosting!