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    Hey folks --

    First off, hello all!

    Second, to the development team -- thank you! What an amazing mod, let alone game! I bought UT2K4 to be able to play it, and so far I'm very happy with the investment.

    Now, to the point: I had two quick questions regarding the MarineAIController code. I've been able to get through a good portion of this code today, but I'm curious regarding a pair of items that I noticed while doing so. What I am wondering is:

    1) Obviously, "StuffThatConfusedMe.uc" (ref. AoMarineAIController.uc, comment above "Following" state) is either fictitious or simply was not -- for good reason -- included in the AS build. If it was the latter, however, would you mind sharing it? I'd love to check it out.

    2) Although I understand that realism was not your goal, necessarily, it would seem that having the marines automatically cover the most relevant angles during significant (= currently undefined) pauses in "follow" orders would be far more efficient than maintaining the limited view angles of "follow+movement". I looked through the code for indicators that this was occurring and didn't see any. Did I miss something? I am hurrying through while at work, so it's quite possible.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions and comments as I review more of your code -- I'll try to keep them as relevant as possible. Weird, but when I really love a game, I like to dig into its AI code (usually all that I have time for), if it's available. Sometimes frightening, occasionally rewarding, but always produces lots of questions.

    Thanks very much for any insights or answers, and again, hello to everyone! I look forward to seeing you all online when I get a bit of extra time for it.

    Phillip Culliton

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    Glad you like the game.

    StuffThatConfusedMe.uc is unfortunately lost in time (so many reformats and reinstalls since back then). It contained some functions for a smarter version of the AI marines. It wasn't something we wanted though, our aim was to have the player controlling the squad, not have AI marines so smart they played the game for you.

    The AI marines do a limited amount of targetting and killing aliens when they're in follow mode. Their range is reduced and they usually face the person they're following, unless they've recently killed an alien in a particular direction. When you stop moving, they back off and face away from you. We particularly didn't want to make the AI too smart while following, since in tests this resulted in you basically running through the level in a group, with these AI aimbots killing everything. No strategy, or thought, it quickly became boring. So we limited the marine skill in follow mode, to encourage players to position the marines manually, to make decisions as to where to have them hold and cover, to set up firing zones one by one to safely move through dangerous areas.


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      Which in turn make some of us to play rambo in some missions in campaign
      I am gone...Radars won't pick me up