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Stupid Newb Question: Help w/ SyntekResearchFacility

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  • Stupid Newb Question: Help w/ SyntekResearchFacility

    A buddy and I have been going through the game together, and we're stumped by the SyntekResearchFacility. I'm fairly certain that we just need to get past the lasers in the upper left corner, but we can't seem to figure out an obvious way to do that, and we've only had marginal success jumping over them.

    I know this is a stupid question, so my apologies in advance. My compliments to the game creators, though.... AS is one of the best mods I've ever played.

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    there is a chair and a table ( i think) inbetween the lazers, uve gotter get the the upper left corner and hack the lazers to turn em off


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      You walk up the table that's on its side, jump from it to the chair in the middle, and then jump from the chair over the laser. Then you can walk up the final table and jump to the hacking console. When you've done it a few times and know where to jump, it's quite easy.


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        Originally posted by SafetyMonkey
        I know this is a stupid question, so my apologies in advance.
        No worries, I fact this wasn't even a stupid question, plenty of people have had trouble working this out. Have fun with AS
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          For an extra challenge, you can forgo the laser hacking and get straight to the laser console by jumping on that very narrow ledge that's on the south edge of that room, right under the pipe hanging from the ceiling. Duck under the pipe to get to the other side and jump NW (can't clear the lasers if you jump from a dead stop) to get to the console. Also, you really shouldn't try this with one of the heavy weapons guys. They can't jump if their lives depended on it
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            Depending on who the hacker is it's often easier to quickly do that anyway and skip the hacking.