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  • Multiplayer Competetive modes. . .

    Here are my Ideas for some Multiplayer competitive modes that would fit well with AS.

    Basic Multplayer rules.
    -At any point , a player can hit a menu button , and bring out their loadout menu. the changes will take effect when/if that player respawns next.
    -Akimbo pistols can be earned in Multiplayer by killing 6 enemy players. or 20 aliens. when this is recieved , it takes effect Next respawn.
    -Aliens Killed by the Red team , leave red blood splatters , aliens Killed by the Blue Team leave Blue blood splatters

    Survival Of the Fittest
    the goal of SOTF , is to Eradicate the enemy team through the use of aliens. In SOTF each team starts on opposite ends of a map. in the center of each teams "Base" there will be a mechanical looking pedestal with a large object resting on it , about the size and shape of a hot water heater. This object is called the "Beacon , and it automagically repels aliens and casts off light for a 3/4 screen width. The border of this light is the border where the beacon's Alien repelling powers end. When the beacon is resting on A Pedestal (a beacon should be placeable on ANY pedestal , not just it's associated team) , players can respawn at it as many times as they want. However , when a team has no beacon on their pedestal , they cannot respawn. In Addition , a Beaconless Pedestal triggers and attracts infinite spawns of aliens from the side of the map that the beacons original pedastal resides. making returning it that much harder.
    Now that the Beacon has been described , The point of the game is to Storm your enemies base , and remove their beacon. The Beacon can be carried by one player , but the player cannot fire their weapon , and must Crouch-walk. However since the beacon repels aliens , this soldier needs only fear the enemy team. The player can drop be beacon at any time to fire , but dropping it and picking it back up requires the same span of time as reloading a shotgun , but can be cancelled by moving.
    Since a Team can only spawn when their beacon is on a pedestal (Or within a certain range of it) , then a team can win by either killing the enemy team while they hold the enemy beacon , or by taking the beacon and letting the Aliens Deal with the opposing team.

    Team Deathmatch
    My Take on ASTDM is that noone respawns until one team is killed. then Every Player and Alien and Ammunition on the map respawns.
    In TDM Melee attacks would need be made to do damage to marines as well. Alienspawns would be all infinite , but with long times between spawns.

    Team Commander
    Team commander plays Simmilar to TDM , except that in order to win , a Team needs to kill the opposing team's Commander. Everyone Except for commanders can respawn , but Commanders have the ability to bring in more Supplies such as ammo bags and Medkits every three minutes. these supplies would arrive through special elevators or some such device. Commanders would recieve full stats in all areas , and automatically recieve the double pistol upgrade.

    Capture the Flag
    In capture the Flag , each team has a Flag , and must capture the enemies flag. Each team can also Move their own flag , but it must stay within a certain distance from it's base (2 screen widths) this allows players to Hide their Flags in interesting locations , such as the infinite alien spawns , but prevents a lamer from running around with the flag all over the map. Ideally CTF maps would be Rather large. Tech Marines would recieve the ability to track Flag Locations with their Scanner.

    REU is a straightforward , kill as many aliens as you can gametype. Each team starts on the same map , but they cannot Kill eachother. Instead , they work to Kill more Aliens than the Opposing team. Respawns are every 10 or 20 seconds , but when a team loses all their players , they can still respawn. The only way to win is to either have more aliens killed by the end of the time limit , or be the first team to kill X amount of aliens. Teams Cannot Harm eachother (IE: red team cant kill Blue team and vice versa) , even though they can kill their own teammates with FF. Ideally each map would have enough Alien spawns to make sure that if a Team is hoarding one , the other team can simply cover a different one. Bonuses can be made for a team killling large amounts of aliens in tandem (Like UT2k4's Multikills , but instead of counting every kill , it would count every 10 or 15 kills)

    If anyone else has any Ideas for some killer PVP gametypes , post em!
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    I like your ideas, but I was thinking the survival of the fittest would be like Free-For-All deathmatch. Every man for himself. Each player (all marines) would spawn in a random place across a medium sized map. Aliens would spawn and attack like any other map and friendly fire would always be on. No respawns between rounds. The goal would be to stay alive longer than everyone else, but if you die, you gain control of a random alien on the map and can hunt down other players with a bonus to health, speed, or damage over the other aliens. You would also be given a different color alien skin as well. This way players who have succumbed to the hoardes of aliens or got blown away by a marine could still get in on the action. Once there is only one marine left all aliens would become uber and the round would end when the last marine dies. (this isn't necessary, but it would be fun/funny as heck at the end of each round)

    Also, teams should probably be green and purple. This way there wouldn't be a need to make blue blood splatters, and red human blood wouldn't get confused with red alien blood.

    EDIT: There should also be two REU gametypes, Team rack 'em up and FFA rack 'em up.
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      Well, if you look through some of the Swarm code, you find many references to an "Overlord." Who is this person? It would seem that there was a gametype in the works that allowed one person, the Overlord, to control the spawning of the aliens. Or at least control individual aliens. Sounds like a fun gametype to me...

      Something else I just saw that makes no sense to me: an empty actor, that contains the description "Drones can harvest this for resources." Resources? Hmmmm....

      Now Dalai had mentioned the attempt at player controlled aliens, and said it really didn't work, but I would like to know where resources fit into this...
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        Sounds like a starcraft reference, hm? I thought there were "no similarities". Interesting ...

        Well whatever AS is and whatever AO was meant to be are two totally different things it appears. And that doesn't *bug* me one bit.
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        "Once upon a happenstance, I did myself connect to a game-hosting combobulation."


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          Well, for starters, calling everything AS would've caused a lot of problems with UT's gametype Assault, as it already uses the shortform AS.


          Just to keep everyone guessing
          It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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            Conspiracy theories ahoy!


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              the trooth is out there!
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                Originally posted by BiG_D
                Well, for starters, calling everything AS would've caused a lot of problems with UT's gametype Assault, as it already uses the shortform AS.
                If it's possible, why not rename the AO tag to ASS?


                It pretty much explains itself
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                  Well, perhaps when if there is a "Alien Swarm Special Edition Supreme".
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                    har u said ass. this reminds me of johnathan.
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                      yea but if its ASS then you have to type more ...i think AO is just fine to me....its simple ...and it doesnt give ninja an chance to bang someone's mum or johns mum

                      Wait a sec...I thought you said Crash always died O.o....I'm not dead yet