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    AAARRGH!. I just lost my first post. Heres my Take two on it.

    I know that some of these Ideas may seem unbalanced or not fitting , or even useless. But Its fun to throw things like this out and see peoples reactions. all of these Ideas are for the inventory slot. For those who dont know what I am talking about , the inventory slot is where you keep your Flashlight , Personal medkit , mines . etc. . .

    Hand Grenades All classes
    Any Explosives soldier can tell you the value of some good old fashioned hand grenades. each grenade in This value sized six pack comes complete with a 4 second timer , and each can be dropped individually. The controls for them are as follows. Hold your Inventory button to prep a grenade and start its timer going , then Release to throw it towards your Crosshair. They can be bounced around corners. watch out , cause they pack a wallop.

    Fire Extinguisher Medic Only
    This Medic Only Fire extinguisher comes with enough juice for a 25 second continuous blast , but is much better suited to controlled bursts. It can be used to extinguish any types of fires found in the game. It is most useful for extinguishing burning teamates and is also handy for stunning an alien with a direct blast. dem aliens sure do hate the CO'2

    Combat Knife All Classes
    The combat knife works as a seperate weapon like the pistol , but can be controlled through the melee button as well. It is essentially a beefing of the melee attack , with double range and triple rate of fire. Perfect for you Elitists who like to show off. 20 melee kills will earn you the right to dual Knife weild.

    Riot Shield All Classes Except Special Weapons.
    The Riotshield is a large sheild that is constantly held in one hand by your Marine while s/he shoots with the other. It cuts damage done from the front down to 1/4th , but after taking a certain amount of damage it will break. holding the riotsheild increases your reload time by one and one half. Due to the size of an autogun , Specual weapons marines cannot carry it

    Claymore Mines Eplosives and Tech Only
    These Handy claymores act as a seperate weapon , but switching to and from them is relatively fast. Primary fire tosses a Claymore a very short distance , moving up to them and pressing E will Arm them (or Pick them back up. Your given the option ) and Secondary fire (grenade button) will detonate an active claymores. They come in packs of 8 and their damage goes up with Explosive stars , while the time it takes to deploy them can be shortened with Higher Tech points.
    Players can work in tandem using an Explosives soldier to place them , and a Tech to arm em quick.

    SpiderMine Alpha Tech Only
    The spidermine Alpha are alot like standard UT2004 spidermines. although smaller. About the size of those soda cans on Reasearch. They sit Idle until something comes close enough , and then they pounce. They explode less Erratically than UT2004 spidermines. and Increasing Tech skill increases their damage. at base , it requires two to kill an alien , but they have splash damage , and come in packs of 18. To prevent Cataclysmic Chain reactions , the spidermines cannot cause eachother to explode.

    SpiderMine Beta Tech With 2+ Stars Only
    The Spidermine Beta Is Identical to the Spidermine Alpha in nearly every way. With additional Tech stars , the spidermines gain Increased tracking range. However the real goody with the Beta versions , is that when you walk up to one , you can control it manually by hitting E. When controlling a spidermine , your View Will Zoom in Very close , until you are about a foot above the mine. Piloting with the movement keys , and exploding with the fire button. nearby Spidermines would automatically follow.

    Impact Hammer All Classes
    A throwback to the Days of UT , the impact hammer is a knockback inducing attatchment to any standard rifle or shotgun. Used with Melee attack , it causes some minor damage in a 90 degree arc infront of you , and repels all foreign bodies a couple of feet. It can only be used once every 1.5 seconds. It has no effect on Teammates , so it can be used to blast some aliens off of your buddy , and NOT to push them off of Uplink . . .

    I'll post more If I think of em.
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    Originally posted by Pepito
    Combat Knife All Classes
    I wondered why this wasn't included anyway. The melee option is practically useless, so maybe if you took a knife in extra you can melee with a knife and actually kill something without almost dying. For emergencies, and for showing off.


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      Get scripting!


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        Remote Surveilance Unit Tech only
        The RSU is a Small boxlike object that a Tech can place anywhere he wants. it needs to be deployed and then set up like a turret , where you drop it , and then construct it. Once built , the Unit will sit on the wall or ground , inconspicuosly , until something walks by. When that happens , the Unit will take a little third person screenshot/video and temporarily display it in the spot where players appear when spectating. This allows you to Keep track of alien movements and choose which paths to take. This may be somewhat useless atm , but in the Event of a TDM mode or some such thing where you're fighting Non scripted human players , it would be invalulable. Destroyable with gunfire.
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          You forgot gliders.


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            tech sentry... more ammo, damage, rate of firee by techstars.


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              Yeah, it's useless on harder difficulty levels. And can we get some gliders in this game?


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                Originally posted by Carth
                I wondered why this wasn't included anyway. The melee option is practically useless, so maybe if you took a knife in extra you can melee with a knife and actually kill something without almost dying. For emergencies, and for showing off.

                Melee attack is SUPER in EASY. Somehow most of the adult aliens are one-punch-kill (by Jaegar thru), even they are not, your punch actually punch em back with some damage. Not that useful when you are really surrounded, but if you only get 2 or 3 in front of you...

                Just wonder why I get nothing all kills (42 kills if you ask for numbers) by HAND in Reactor core in EASY

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                : Good...
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                  btw, can we get a baseball bet to have some "run" for the grenades? That can add some range to the Melee attack, do some minor damage, repel some "wrong direction grenades".

                  A sentry cannon would be nice to have in higher difficulties. Slower than shottie's fire rate but with grenade damage, no rebounce thru...
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                    You forgot gliders.


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                      Dual Knifes?! Where is the chainsaws?!!!!!!!!!
                      You spoony bard!


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                        some good ideas, pep. but i totally disagree with the mines stuff, i'm an overall foe of all mining usage, tho the flamer mines come in quite handy n on the other hand they seem much 2 complicated 2 use 2 me.

                        i'd love the knife, the extinguisher, the grenades and the RSU, but i think a riot shield would b much 2 much
                        good idea with the impact hammer, 2, but ff should work on it as well. and why not go one step further and implement this one instead of the riot shield or the impact hammer: The Allmighty Shield Gun ?


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                          cause the Shieldgun uses energy , and AS has a good Non-plasma weapon thing going for it.

                          EDIT: also , the reason I said the impact hammer should have no FF effects , is so that it can be used to clear aliens off of your Allies.

                          EDIT 2: I knew someone would say Chainsaw. I was thinking of using it instead of a combat knife. but eh.
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                            How about a taser instead? Stuns the bug in front of you for , say half the time of a P-Rifle grenade, which gives your teammate time to back away or get stuck in with those toe-capped Marine boots!
                            I have no mapping, coding or scripting knowledge. I am merely a player of games. My purpose on these forums is to throw out random ideas produced by my warp-fethed brain in the vain hope that someone more talented can realise my dream


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                              I agree. Needs more gliders. And freeze guns.

                              RASL-37: Classes: Explosives troopers
                              A semi-automatic revolving rifle that fires 37mm explosive shells from a circular 20 round clip. The explosive shells have mostly the same effect as the grenades from the Assault Rifle. Due to the clip's immense bulk, the character using it can carry only 1 extra ammo clip. 2 ammo clips are also present inside an ammo bag.

                              Since this weapon was developed recently, no ammunition would be present on the infected world.

                              Hand Grenades
                              I'm just seconding this suggestion

                              Flechette Gun: Classes: Tech
                              Fires small slivers of U238 at a high rate from a 50 round clip. Unfortunately, this weapon has the constant problem of going through the aliens, not dealing too much damage as they pass through, and posing a severe threat to anyone on the other side.

                              Since this is a U238 weapon, you could use it to rip open doors quicker.

                              Sequence Charges: Classes: Explosives Trooper (note: this would be extra equipment)
                              Just a hunk of explosives. Place with the "extra" key, then press that key again to detonate. Could be used to rip apart sealed doors, in case the guy with the welder dies.

                              Those are my stupid suggestions. Flame accordingly.
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