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i haven't played it yet but this looks awesome

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  • i haven't played it yet but this looks awesome

    it kinda reminds me of the film aliens, with the dark corridors, sentry guns and all...
    and also, did you ever play a game called space hulk?? you had these terminator marine soldiers which had different weapons on each arm and you had a top-down view over corridors of a space ship/space station (space hulk even lol), and you would have to fight these aliens off each level. it is like 5 years old but I used to like it even though I only played it like 3 times. alien swarm seems like that game only 21st century
    also in space hulk you could open a small window at the edge of the top-down view, which would show you the first person view of any given marine. I think you could get a few windows up and man it was atmospheric when you had the feeds up (real small and dark, with a little interference, so you can't really see exactly whats going on. I think also his ammo left was shown and a few other things) and then he got attacked and the marine swung his head around firing and suddenly static appeared on his feed . this game might be nothing like that or might even have that feature already but it could be something to think about
    it would also be cool if lights went off in a particular part of the level when aliens shut the power, or you inadvertently destroy something important and all you had to go on were your marines headlights.
    what are the missions like? is there one where you have a series of corridors/rooms and have to position your marines to cover all angles (or all you can... ) and hold out for like 10 minutes under a swarm of constantly generated aliens, until reinforcements make an apearance.
    anyway can't wait to play it, its got me all excited and acting like a little fucking child

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    Play the game , and you'll be thinking

    OMG they Read my thoughts before I had them!!!
    cause Everything you said is already in. Although the little first person window is pnly available for Specators. But when the marine dies it does go to static .
    Smack the Planet!!!! -