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Why most AS servers are empty

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  • Why most AS servers are empty

    We need to recruit new players to AS to populate the servers. But new players are treated with such hatred and disrespect that I'm suprised we even have as many players as we do.

    Not everyone has played each level 500 times and knows it like the back of their hand.

    If a less experienced player takes tech, stop bitching about how he doesn't know where to hack. Instead, shut your jabbering craw and help him. I'll bet soon he'll have no problem finding that terminal.

    Alien Swarm is going to be played multiplayer primarily. Don't be suprised or offended if people go straight from the tutorial to online. Remember, UT is first and foremost a multiplayer game, as are most of its mods.

    AS is a *GAME*. It is supposed to be *FUN*. I know, I know... that's crazy talk. Games being fun is a pretty revolutionary concept. I'm really stepping out on a limb here. But bear with me.

    Revel in the fact that you took a handful of misfits who die every time, and taught them to finally complete the level. *That* should be your reward. The most skilled among you can finish a level every time when teamed with other veterans. But where's the challenge in that.

    If that's too much for you, then join a clan and stay off the public servers. But I'd prefer you gained a little patience and joined us. Show new players that the community is just as awesome as the game itself.


    P.S. I'm *NOT* talking about griefers. They deserve a kick.

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    Proper actions mean very little to me when dealing with players I don't know. However, proper attitudes mean everything. If someone screws up/slows us down/team kills/gets lost, I don't get angry until I see the same offense repeated. Even then, I take time to explain things to everyone. Their response to their own mistakes will make or break them. As a result of my approach I am often times voted as Leader.

    I think most of you know that I am elite, and I can solo any mission with virtually any character on Easy/Normal without batting an eye. But I enjoy playing on Easy servers still with noobs to see if I can get through with a perfect by predicting the NOOBS line of fire, and they're reactions to enemy spawns, etc. No sense in being haughty or cocky. Just have fun.

    There's nothing quite like joining a server and the first thing you hear come out of your speakers is (one player speaking to another player):

    "Dude, this guy who just joined is amazing. He's really really good."

    I have no clue who was talking either. Hehehe. Let other people praise you. What glory is there in self-praise?
    "The greatest leader is he who is aggressive in meeting the needs of others."

    "Build a man a fire, and he is warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he is warm for the rest of his life."

    Sniper: The sexxiest voice in gamming.


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      i don't play frequently anymore. i do think i might be guilty of this. To my recollection i do reccomend to newer players to keep away from elite servers, and occasionally will train friends of friends... But i think i may have now and then been grumpy after a few hours. i'm sorry, whomever i may have been snappy with.


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        Right off hand I would have to agree with the idea of getting more players to play...
        however this brings about the flip side of the coin.
        using counterstrike as an example...
        Do I really need to go indepth?

        Well, when the mod started out (and yes, it was *and still is* just a mod) it was a really cool concept, I mean killing terrorists and disarming bombs was stuff you read about.. now you could do it!.. wow... cool......... <2 years later>
        WTF NOOB OMG HAX..

        Do we really want that for the Swarm community?

        I love this mod, though I have only been playing for 2 days, its fantastic.. great quality (thanks dev team) and the gameplay is top notch... the people only serve to make it better, some of them (Iso, Thalaxia *i know I spelled it wrong sorry ^_^;* [email protected]! and a lot more i've probably neglected to mention =P)

        Well.. getting to my point. If we really want people.. I think care should be taken to a small extent, in both the selection of (who) and the training there of...

        I Invited a couple friends to play and taught them a little but those 2 out of about 3 dozen are ones that I think would be 'good' for the community....

        On a related note, I'll try and transcribe some of the stuff I learned in the army to paper for you guys.. lol I think it might be useful... I was an infantryman w/the 101st airborne for 3 yrs... picked up quite a bit about movement tactics and firepower application =P

        So.. yeah.. im done.. take care
        Johnathan, the archetype Front Line Medic


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          I agree that the game could be more welcoming to new players.

          The problem with a lot of people is many of them don't make an effort to learn before joining a server. I have no interest in helping someone who has not made an effort to learn the basics on their own like the rest of us did.

          The tutorial covers the basics. If someone has a question beyond the scope of that tutorial, no problem, I'm happy to help. If they log in and expect me to hand hold them through every minor thing that could have easily been learned in the five minute tutorial, I'll ignore them and never feel a twinge of guilt.

          We play this game to have fun, not to play tech support to people who log in and ask: "How do I play?"

          I think that is pretty reasonable, don't you?


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            I agree with Iso, I've seen newbies deserting the server(hopefully not the game) when the "elite" player was cursing, yelling noobs, nubs and whatnots at the ineptitude of the newbies. As far as instructions go, sometimes the new players didn't hear, read you or understand what you are talking about, after all its a foreign map to them. Expect the mistake to be repeated a couple of times before he gets the hang of it.

            So many servers so little players.


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              Originally posted by Sniper007
              What glory is there in self-praise?
              Ah, the irony.


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                I agree with Sniper, if someone doesn't know exactly where to hack or weld, tell them. Give them advice on their equipment and stars, but don't make them choose anything, it's ultimately their choice. Only if someone makes the same mistake time after time causing restart after restart is it annoying for the team.


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                  First off, the tutorial should be Mandatory!!! I hate it when someone comes on saying "Where is the flag?" or "How do I shoot?" or not knowing how to vote or click ready.
                  You spoony bard!


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                    Vote and Ready are not covered in the tutorial though . . .
                    Smack the Planet!!!! -


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                      . . .

                      I never played the tutorial or single player before playing on-line.

                      Just thought I'd share that.

                      "The greatest leader is he who is aggressive in meeting the needs of others."

                      "Build a man a fire, and he is warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he is warm for the rest of his life."

                      Sniper: The sexxiest voice in gamming.


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                        But you probaly had a benifactor help you on one of those easy servers. i hate it when a total n00b jumps in a sIX server campain, then tks everyone because he thinks it is a deathmatch map.
                        You spoony bard!


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                          when I join a server I tell everone I am a noob, then usually they do a kick vote, and, IF it fails, I show off and then they're like "eisenstein is good" and I'm like "nah he's a noob" just to make them feel like noobie dickheads for judging.


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                            well - i ain't completed the campaign (still got stuck in lvl3) but i wouldn't say i'm 2 noobistic... okay, i usually die during a match, mostly coz i run into a LOF (line of fire) or coz i get infested by these almost invisible crawlers... :p but in fact, that's my problem.

                            but what really drives me MAD r ye "i-am-so-fucking-good" players that lol bout every stupid things ye nubs do. u r all right, tis a *TEAM* *GAME*, nuthin less, nuthin more. i feel stampeded how quickly this develpoment more n more grows into a CS-like behavior (good point, Jonathan! ) and nobody really aids u, but puts u down easier than he wipes his ass.

                            nother thing i aint never seen in any other team-oriented tactical shooter game, is ye folks that don't know how 2 push their CAPS LOCK button. i saw players walking to the front lonely, not wating 4 ye mates just 2 collect frags. and if any1 of ye mates DIES coz he didnt know that there r five aliens more from ye behind @ hard instead of 2 @easy - hey, it's a game, n having played the map uncounted times doesn't give u ye right 2 yell @ them all the time! what would u do if some1 doesn't talk 2 u @ all, but only SHOUTS? WOULD U LIKE THAT? I'D GET NUTS IF HAD 2 READ THESE LINES A 2ND TIME (dam, it already happened...)

                            think bout it, n just imagine u have begun 2 play AS once, 2!


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                              Dommi83, you burned out my left eye! Please, stop with the evilness of 1337 posts! It BURNS IT BURNS!
                              You spoony bard!