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where are the six/1337 players/servers at?

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  • where are the six/1337 players/servers at?

    all i see is easy servers where it takes us 10 tries to beat reactorcore

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    The sIX servers are gone until Angel returns. Come by the Multiplay pickup servers if you see someone on either of them. Or just come by the channel. Although no one uses the pickup, it's a good meeting place.

    I think I've seen some other expert servers with a high ping, you might have a better ping with them.


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      Ye p1ickup r0x0rs. Carth ,you up for a game soon?


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        Still alive. I think I'll get a server for us all to use.
        Telic Corporation


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          Lornath's P&B Experts Only server is a lot of fun. It's got 4 person max, which is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that once you get a good 4-person team assembled, it tends to stay that way for a while.

          It's also got a quiz you have to pass, asking you a question like "how many unassisted pistol kills for akimbo pistols" and the like that acts as a newbie filter... if people fail they get kicked, which is kind of sad but comical at the same time.


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            btw more than 4 seem 2 b 2 much, 4 is optimal - either 4 survive the map, or none