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  • Once and future parasites

    Since there have been quite a few complaints and discussions about parasites in Alien Swarm, I figured I'd tell ya about how nasty they once were. There's not really a subtle artifice behind this -- it's simply for your amusement and enlightenment.

    Back in the first half of beta, parasites were considerably different. If a marine got hit by a parasite, one of two things would happen. About half the time the character would simply explode into red pixels and body parts moving at high velocity. The other half of the time the marine would become infested.

    Infestation was also different. It couldn't be cured. By anything. Ever. Once infested, the marine had between five and ten seconds before exploding and releasing four more parasites. This left the team with an unpleasant choice.

    And parasites didn't change with difficulty level back then, either.

    Remember that next time you recover from an infestation. ^_^
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      Return these Uber Parasites in an unlockable Special gamemode for the next patch!!! pleeeeese
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        Good story 9/10 sites
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