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  • Banned!

    Argh. I love Alien-Swarm immensely, but what the hell is up with "Quizzes", where if you get the answer wrong 3 times, you are automatically banned?

    I ran into this mutator once on a server, and found it to be substantially irritating when I was prompted with the question:
    "At what level does a medic's heal automatically cure infections?"

    Fairly simple, right?

    My first answer: "Err, level 5?"

    Apparrently not quite the string the quiz was looking for.

    My second answer: "5"

    Once again, incorrect.

    My last answer: "Level 5"

    And I was banned. Not for long, granted, but still banned. I still have to pass the fucking quiz if I re-enter.

    I don't get it. According to Butters, and personal experience, that is the correct answer. How did it neglect to acknowledge my answer 3 times in a row?

    "Humility makes me look better than I really am"

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    weird, I said 5 and it worked out perfectly.. *shrugs*
    It does filter out (to a degree) those who still need to log some time with a live team and get educated on the ways of Swarm.
    Johnathan, the archetype Front Line Medic


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      yeah, I find the ratio of people that make it to those that don't to be about 1 to 3.


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        you mean the quiz thinger can see how long you have been playing AS online? cool haha thats a definite helper against basic newbie protection

        Wait a sec...I thought you said Crash always died O.o....I'm not dead yet


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          Haha thats also a good way to filter out any new potential fans of the mod. GJ!


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            there are plenty of open servers out there, if it says 'experts only' in the tittle, one *SHOULD* deduce that its for semi-experienced players... yeah? :p
            Johnathan, the archetype Front Line Medic