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  • Exploits in Rescue / Retreat / Salvage / Research

    Note: Do not read this if your offended by gaining any unfair advantage from learning of these exploits. They're meant only as a way to help out the map creaters to fix anything they didn't intend to happen.

    Most people know the first exploit which is the fast elevator ride down on Rescue.

    Once it stops at the top just hit the use key twice real fast on the switch and thats it.

    The other one that most don't know about is basically the same thing. But instead before you hit the switch to call it up hit it twice real fast. Then wait x seconds and hit the switch to call it up. For some odd reason that makes it so that the aliens that would normally spawn while you wait for the elevator to come up doesn't. And another sideeffect of doing this makes it so that the cage that keeps you from jumping onto the elevator pad sooner opens before it normally would. By x amount of seconds however many you waited before hitting the switch again.. since the cage lid is set on a timer instead of set to when the elevator reaches a certain height. So that makes it alot easier to take out the eggs with grens long before they start hatching.

    Anyway, the reason for posting these is to hopefully improve the performance of the game by making everyone aware of it so that the devs might more quickly fix it. Seems to work with Microsoft anyway. *cough* Sometimes. *cough* And I had a request by one of the old testers of this mod to post em.

    Also to whoever made the Retreat map.. great map. But there is one little trick you can do to beat it on any difficulty. Not sure if it would be counted as an exploit or just using your head. Anyway..

    At the start there is a doorway which you can place 3 turrets (make sure there is no gap, if your not good at placing the turrets you'll need to use 4 or 5 there) in to form a wall to block out any aliens. Now just go run down to the pad to trigger the spawn and run back behind your wall. Then all you have to do is walk up to the sentry wall and place a mine and it'll basically instakill any bug. Just make sure you keep that firewall going though because if they back up too much the server will lag to death and accuse everyone of speedhacking. And make sure at around 50 seconds left on the countdown timer to place a 2 mines so to kill any parasites that might slip through. Then about 20 seconds after the countdown timer is gone the aliens should be bout all dead and you can jump back over the sentry wall and clear out any that might of gotten stuck.

    Oh and one more little exploit (using your head whichever you prefer) Is on Salvage. At the end while you wait for dropship to pick you up. You can literally step up onto the pole (no need to jump) that shoots out the flare. Using the button as a step from the north north west side of the pole. Then you can jump over onto the ledge on the right and jump across onto the 2nd spawn point and place mines and keep refreshing them down at the bottom of the ledge and then camp up in that little spawn room only one or 2 aliens spawn in the norther of the 2 spawn points..

    Alright last one. On Research not sure if it was intended or not, but you can get across very easily in the Laser Room going west. Just get onto the table then jump into that first area then jump up onto a small ledge on the south wall and duck under a pipe (almost looks like your stepping on a laser at one point) then run across that ledge and jump over the last laser. Its very simple to do after you see someone do it which is probally why that one spread so quickly. One note though is that the Special Weapons can't jump that last laser with their autogun on them so they would have to drop the gun then hit the switch to deactivate the laser then pick it back up.

    Got lots of others for like on Barracks and Uplink.. but they're not exactly exploits. Just merely tips like how an Explosives person should use the mines. So not really any point on posting them. As this was only a way to inform the map creators of exploits and to hopefully get them fix'd. Although a 5 star explosives is really overpowered do to the combination of the fire immune armor and the highly damaging firewall mines. Which could by some peoples terms be considering an exploit. Maybe that would be better set as only being able to stay in a fire for so long or to just have it cause alittle damage instead of none. But thats another post for another day.

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    Originally posted by Metamorphosis
    (retreat exploit)
    Ah... we were trying Retreat on insane. The best exploit we could get was to run back to the start, but we only used 1 sentry and a few mines, so we got backed into the room and the server often crashed (because of so many aliens).


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      But yeh.. if the person that made retreat wants it to be alot harder all they need to do is get rid of the bottleneck which is that doorway.

      Or you could move up the trigger spawn so if anyone is in that room aliens will spawn instead of just back where the marines start at. That would least make it bit more difficult for anyone using that exploit. If your really cruel you could just dump alot of parasites on em if they're in that room after a certain time.


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        Quite a simple one, but on Uplink, if you nudge to the side as you're going down those slides, you can wedge yourself inside the opening above the behmoth room. You can fire out, but they can't hit you. Of course, I think you have to have someone touch the floor to set the bugs spawning so they tend to focus all their attention on that person.
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          That elevator on rescue is responsible for more bugs than the entire rest of the game put together.


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            Lol yeh.. like the random squashing of players on the elevator. Sorta unfair to be called a teamkiller just for hitting a switch to move an elevator though.


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              Someone showed me this one a while ago:

              On Uplink you can bypass the entire "press the button to move the platform so people can jump across" thing.
              Go up the maintenance stairs a bit, and jump on top of the side-rail that normally prevents you from jumping the gap directly. Walk all the way north and jump across the gap.

              See this pic if I just confused the crap out of you

              Kinda pointless if you're the only one doing it, altough you can clear out the eggs in advance while the rest thinks you were going to push the switch.


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                In salvage, you can "ghost".

                Carth and a few others have experienced it before. You can run at 3x speed, and aliens don't bother you.

                You can run super fast and trigger any button.

                This comes with 2 catches. One, is that doors don't open for you. The second, you can't win if you're the last alive.

                To recreate the ghosting effect:

                1) get to the area with the moving lift that moves up and down.
                2) walk to the north side of the lift, and get close to the right edge.
                3) get someone to nail the button.
                4) If you did it correctly: You'll appear stuck between the lift and crate to everyone, but on your screen, you can move much faster (serious speed).

                On Uplink, when the satellite dish is popping up from the ground, if everyone groups towards the silver door, the aliens will get trapped in the fence, and some will even plummet to their deaths (below the dish).

                On any thin door, and if you're armed with a flamer, you can fire through thin doors and walls, lightly crisping any aliens on the other side. This works on said fence in Uplink.
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                  Zirker, I saw you do that glitch, because I got glitched into it too by accedent. It is possiable to win, though. I did something and got backin my normal body. I will try to do it again...
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