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Great mod, few words before I uninstall it

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  • Great mod, few words before I uninstall it

    After finding the homepage for alien swarm I was very excited to try it out. The tutorial is great and had a lot of fun. Today I played a few rounds online and this is where the trouble began...first time I get a menu that was unfamiliar to me and get nothing but flames and INTENSE pure f'ing hatred! when I ask simple questions since there was not enough time to read through the menus. My ping did suck so I guess that's why I joined too late to get a good look at the characters and weapons. During the game it's a new map to me and things are dark so I quickly get lost and find my way to what I thought was a teammate, he was screaming for medic and I admit it took me awhile to get next to him and click the button for heal. And then nother guy dying who I didn't have time to help kills me, and i get nothing but flames from the guy i just healed and the guy who just wasted me for no reason. Normally I never post to forums, I play mods that come and go and this is one of the best but..this mod WILL NOT SURVIVE with the way some of you are treating new players as well as some of the only low ping servers kicking me because I don't know who someone is because i never have the TIME to read a story when people aren't patient with me. Those of you who have been around since day one are very lucky and I wish I was part of that special group so I could enjoy this game as much as you do. For now I'm going to have to go ahead and stick to ut2k4 for now. Maybe I'll give it another try if any of you guys go to quakecon this august.

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    Which server was this on? There's nothing worse than elitist players. Very annoying.

    Try the singleplayer, or multi with a friend who's also new to the game.


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      At least you did the tutorial.

      The really bad behaviour of some of the players makes me want to quit too. They exist in other games but it is more obvious here because Alien Swarm is coop 3rd person. I stop playing UT2004 due to the incredible immaturity of some the players but played this mod because I'm an Aliens fan.

      It is summer vacation in the US right? Though bad behaviour isn't confined to the lower age group.

      Maybe a newbie server?


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        I know this is going to sound harsh but I think it has to be said...
        The problem seems to be with new players that hop onto network servers asking how to do things... BASIC things. You play the tutorial, dont give any thought to actualy playing the game in single player to get a feel for the levels or anything. Then you walk into someone's line of fire and get killed, or panic and go nuts with the flamer/shotty.. then you wonder why people dont 'like' you.
        It isnt age group limited but honestly... A little intelligence goes a long way.

        My advice: Play through single player. Learn the maps, and how to work with a team. Its not an extremely hard game to learn, working with real people is hard, no doubt. But if know AT LEAST where to go and what to do. Your more of an asset then a problem. The rest comes with time I guesss
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          i would like to response to that...YES...BAD WANNABE cRaZy L337 BeHavIoR is due to the LOWER AGE GROUPS...either wannabes who play CS often and refuse to admit that CS was once a itty bitty mod and bought UT2k4 cuz its UT (i mean come on, its UT...) that are among age group 15-17 and DEFINETLY age group 10-14...they think that they "pwn" the game and "own jo 4$$" just because they managed to beat one level on easy --;;...they can be very arrogant and rude...just enter a CS server and listen to the non-stop voice chat spam...but sometimes there are the other people who have been playing maybe a week or so who think they are badass too and they can be very annoying...doing things without explanation and expecting everyone else to be all knowing...those are the people to watch out for..when you meet those people then theres not much you can do, i just wish that one of the servers u joined had me in it because then i would've helped you and hopefully AS might have been a funner game for you to continue trying out. but mark my words this mod will survive...becuase i know i'm not the only person who thinks that just because i'm not a newbie now doesn't mean i wasn't a newbie before.

          p.s. if you want to try and give AS another go post on the forums and we'll try to get together in a game and i'll help you out with what little info i kno...i definetly dont know as much as carth or sniper but i kno enough to make online play a lil more enjoyable

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            I’ve also seen the kind of bad behaviour you encountered and it makes me very sad. This seems to be happening way to often on the public servers, but you were also unlucky because I’ve met many really humble and kind players with lots of experience. You don’t necessarily have to finish single player, but to give a few maps on easy a try is very good practise for classes, map layout and equipment. Multiplayer is of course were the serious fun starts but SP is a different experience in a good way, though managing all marines is quite hard sometimes IMO. Also watch out so you don’t joint the expert servers right away (HARD/INSANE ONLY). I really hope you will try the game again because it’s much fun and only the ignorant don’t wish for community growth. I’d be happy to show you around in an easy campaign online right away, but unfortunately I’m off on vacation for a week or so. I also suggest checking out the pickup channel. Their servers usually run �normal’ or above, but it’s a great place to meet players by chatting and maybe someone would like to help you out.

            Feel free to PM me if there is anything you are wondering and I’ll get back to you once I return.


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              I've introduced a couple of people to the game.

              One is still playing through single player missions, the other has already ventured into online games. The one who jumped into multiplayer has encountered some of the same hostile responses, most of them, even from his point of view, was because he tends to want to "screw the man" and "do things his way", often fucking things up for everyone else.

              I was in a game earlier in the day (with Ninja, who can confirm this) where the both of us were at the end of our ropes. It isn't for a lack of effort, in the six or seven games I played with them, we had made a massive effort to get people to understand the basics of how to be successful. The problem? No one wanted to listen.

              We tried a number of times to get people into position, above and beyond what I normally expect of veteran players. Nothing. No one wanted to listen.. or even respond when we'd ask them if they knew how to do something (such as hacking).

              I ended up leaving the game because of it. It was just that frustrating.

              There is a very good chance you logged into a game that was suffering the same thing, where the experienced people were tired of explaining the same things over and over with no results. I'd suggest you invest some time into finding some of the better players - and I don't mean better as in being good at the game. They're out there, I play with them every day.

              Trust me, give it some time and log a couple hours in single player, you will see the game in a whole new light. If you're new, one way to get on peoples good side is to let them know you're new and pay attention when they're trying to help you out..

              Also, if you're tked by Gaiis, don't get angry, he does it to everyone at least once


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                Thalaxasis point is of course a good one. One can’t expect players patience to be infinite. And I’ve occasionally seen new people behave very badly too. I’m talking about those not ever listening(reading), never playing as a team or intentionally screwing things up. This repeated and often unexplained behaviour sickens people obviously. It’s not a valid excuse for judging, mocking or harassing newbies. But it can explain the short temper of some and give both �sides’ a point of view.

                It’s very sad that these problems confuses and scares off the innocent first timers being unfairly judged.


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                  T_T, sad to hear that u are leaving, donno how AS community is right now, but i'd say play Single player 1 time (beat it), then go play on multiplayer (easy or normal) and u'll find this game fun that'll keep u busy for at least a month or two.
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                    Don't hate the game because of a few jerks. ... Like jerk. I would suggest clearly labeling yourself. Change your name to "NewGuy", or "OKNewb", or "HelpThisNewb". Then people won't expect diddly crap from you. Also, do your best to communicate your desire to learn and obey commands given. It won't get rid of jerks, but it will increase the patience levels of reasonable players.

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                      Your just starting the game, and learning, don't let those idiots ruin a good game for you. There are other people you can play with.


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                        look @ this 1, 2:


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                          First off, don't be a medic first time online. One n00b medic that I played with thought that me (a tech) could carry his med sactel for him. When the entire team started trying to explain to him, he decided to start shooting at me. The rest of the team then had to open fire, in order to keep him from killing me, the only tech there was (in Uplink). Play an autogunner if you are a newb. That class is the easyest to play for a newbie, me thinks
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                            shinjiro_masami: provided that you didn't join a server labelled "experts only" or "HARD/INSANE ONLY", I am very sorry for you. You just found a bad group. Most of the AS community are patient and willing to tell you where to go, what to do, advise you on equipment menus and answer your questions. Unfortunately you do get impatient idiots. I was called a retard and a noob (well, the whole team was, not just me) by someone the other day, and it must have been terrible for people who were new to the game.

                            Don't quit because of one bad experience, you get people like that in every game. Like Leo said, if you've played the tutorial and a bit of SP, come by #Swarm.Pickup on QuakeNet and tell people you're new. Someone might get an easy/normal game going, and help you out

                            Recently I've heard more and more elitist idiots. And also more VoIP abuse, so much that I now just have VoIP disabled. The community was a lot friendlier when Alien Swarm first came out.


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                              Also, if you drop into the other IRC channel (#alienswarm on theres usually someone there who would be happy to answer questions, or maybe even join a server and help you out a bit.
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