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    Get a PW from a host, host a server on your own, just use a pub server with PW that you know (IE. pickup) but dont ever think you can demand anyone on a 8 server pub to play only with 4 friends. No point about trying this, stop blaiming the community, stop the "kick vote, nothing sayd"- happenings and use common sense when planning a night with your friends while play AS.

    The worst thing is, when you try to help these ppl they just flood text on the screen and dont listen to anything.

    Quite useless thread, but ppl just don't get this.

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    It happened to me before. I pooped my pants in indignation
    "Who's the moron who put a moron like me in charge?"


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      Originally posted by Spanky
      I pooped my pants in indignation
      It had nothing to do with indignation and we all know it

      I've never seen that happen before - the four person invasion of an eight person game, not you messing your drawers, that is. I'd report it to the server admin (they often have e-mail available in server details) and let them handle it.

      I know when I've admined on servers, we wasted no time in banning people for shit like that, as long as the person has some legitimate screen shots or a demo to back up their claims. The idea behind hosting a server is to add to the community, so I can't imagine the people spending real-life cash to host these servers would want assholes driving others away.

      I'm looking into getting a couple ToF servers up and running if at all possible. A public server that will be open to all and a password protected server for people looking to play a more serious game, without clueless newbies and pricks ruining the advanced game for them.

      If I can manage to swing it, I'll make sure each has a couple of active admin to keep the scum to a bare minimum. I'd also strongly encourage people who currently run servers to make an effort to enforce some standards; make the rules short and to the point, included in the MOTD, to ensure griefers have no chance to plead ignorance.

      How would people feel about a grief list? A collection of IP addresses from known griefers, so that server admin can ban problematic players before they can do any harm? It might help to clean up the quickly degenerating community and prevent it from becoming like Counter Strike and other popular mods.

      I encountered someone today who had to change his online handle because someone was harassing him - I’m fine with cursing and swearing, I don’t care if you guys want to sling shit at each other, god knows I’m guilty of it on a regular basis, but when people have to change names because of harassment and public servers are being invaded by griefers, I think it’s getting a bit much.



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        Sound post Thalaxasis. Contacting the admins via email, or in their irc channel if they have one, is a good way of stopping pricks and helping them run a better service. I normally stay around servers where i have found the admins to be very helpful and easy to reach. If you find a server where admins don't care, just avoid it: with time it will probably fill with those players banned from properly maintained servers.