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    I'm curious if there are any plans for new official content? Campaigns, single maps, added items, stuff like that.

    Since it takes a huge amount of effort for these things, has there been any talk of joint staff/player projects? I'd think the creative energy and technical talents of both devs and players combined could produce some impressive stuff. Just an idea.

    Also, has Black Cat games considered going into the game making business in a non-mod capacity? I'm not kissing ass or anything when I say I am exceptionally impressed with the direction that was taken with Alien Swarm. I've got a rack filled with big budget games that entertained me for a week at most, but Alien Swarm, even with its relatively small content package, has been keeping me entertained for a few weeks and I don't see myself losing interest for some time to come.

    This mod is worth far more then I paid for Unreal. If you ever decided to take this concept to a for-profit arena, I would be first in line to buy a copy, as long as you don’t pull a Daikatana on us

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    i agree

    i am really impressed with alien swarm as a mod...

    i would really love to know if there are new boards [from black cat] and new patches that expand the alien swarm world. Maybe i'm jumping the gun.... since i haven't finished yet... but i would love to hear things are comin'


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      See section 4.4.

      You can't charge for a game you didn't make. Alien Swarm is still actually Unreal Tournament 2004. That would be like changing some sounds and imanges for Windows XP then trying to re-sell it for a couple hundred bucks as a new OS. (It would not be legal.)

      HOWEVER, if they win the huge contest put out by NVidia/Atari/Epic, they will be granted the licensing rights to the UT2004 engine, and therefore WILL be able to sell it as a stand alone game.
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        Or they could BUY the engine for what... $400,000 US?

        And yes, any word on new content? I have plenty of ideas I'd LOVE to contribute.
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          Originally posted by Corion
          Or they could BUY the engine for what... $400,000 US?
          That much for an aging engine? I wonder how much licensing for their next-gen engine will go for
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