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  • Hi! Incubation?


    First of all: Hi! I'm new to AS and to these forums. (Newb allert!!!11) Downloaded the mod only just yesterday evening and couldn't stop playing 'til 1:30 in the night although I had to get up at 6:00 this morning. I think I'm hooked! Expect to see me around on this forum, asking stupid questions.

    I've always liked both action games (mostly FPS) and strategy games (turn-based and real-time). AS is a fascinating combination of these two genres. Two thumbs up to the team!

    AS reminds me a lot of the turn-based strategy game Incubation by BlueByte. Anyone played it? If you ever get your hands on the demo or find the game for a bargain price, give it a try! If you like AS, chances are you'll like Incubation too.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Hello!
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    Looks pretty cool, sure it's not just an X-COM ripoff in 3d?

    (Not a bad thing, of course)


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      Yeah, I played Incubation to death. Along with X-Com UFO. I enjoyed both very much, but they were all very different. Incubation had no ACTION. It was all turn based. X-Com UFO had no multiplayer, and that's what Alien Swarm is all about. The theme is the only thing that ties them together... and I suppose the VIEW is a bit similar. All are variations on the top-down view. Though Incubation had an option to switch to first person.

      X-Com was AMAZING because of how many freaking items/vehicles/weapons/characters you could get. And the battles were very intense and often quite epic.
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        Incubation is nice, but a poor man's X-com, as Sniper says.


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          Incubation was a cool game. I liked the action part better than X-COM, but X-COM had a better strategy and ambience.


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            Incubation was quite fun. I replayed it several times just to try and get the special weapons It was basically just like Laser Sqaud or Xcom but in 3d.

            X-COM 1 and 2 were awsome for their time. Heaps of replayability. Only thing was, you could be blowing suacers out of the sky left right and center, cleaning up alien bases every few days, making a fortune selling lasers and still find you're losing while other times you don't think you're doing so well and be winning.

            Favourite tactic for clearing crashed saucers was using troops with flying armor and blaster bombs. Blow a hole in the roof or upper level wall of the saucer and go in with stun guns. The aliens were placed to defend as if you were coming in through the lower level doors, so cleaning them out was pretty easy. Plus, by using stun guns you got lots of live aliens to tor... study.
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              I used to painstakingly cheat on the first X-Com. Unrevealed map pieces still showed as silhouettes against the box shaped cursor, so by spending ten minutes or so exploring on your first or second turn, you could fill the saucer with blaster bombs immediately after unloading your squad and securing the immediate surroundings

              With the second game I postponed going to mars as long as possible, until I had a squad of real badasses and was finding alien bases faster than I could clear them. Those base defense missions were really nasty, having to scramble your unarmed soldiers to get weapons.