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Congrats on the PC Gamer Article!

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  • Congrats on the PC Gamer Article!

    Just got the new September PC Gamer yesterday (YES, the one with the Doom 3 review) and there's a really nice 2 page spread on AS. It is their mod of the month basically. They love the mod. A lot of nice screenshots as well.

    Maybe this will bring new people into the community. It's sparked my interest in playing again! I dl'ed AS when it first came out and played single player quite a bit for a few weeks but I got frustrated at the difficulty and resorted to some of my other favorites. Now I'm ready to get back into it again.

    Anyway, good stuff. Congrats!

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    already a thread regarding this
    mogelbrod, the one formerly know as teh muppen!


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      Originally posted by vigge
      Oops, sorry.

      But in fairness to me, this is a different article in the US PC Gamer.


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        Ah, a different article I reiterate my last reply then:



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          Would be nice to see a screenie or some of the comments


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            Originally posted by Butters
            Would be nice to see a screenie or some of the comments
            Ask and ye shall receive. I'm at work so I can't scan the article right now. But here's the final paragraph for an idea of what they thought:

            "Alien Swarm is one of those inspired total conversions that makes you laugh out loud in appreciation of a clever concept well-executed. Black Cat Games has crafted something special here."