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what about a real map contest?

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  • what about a real map contest?


    First at all: hello everybody, i m new to this forum and i m a german one, so my english isnt really good .

    Second: the mod is really AWESOME! Respect

    Third and main: I asked me why u dont start a real map contest, because i think the main problem of the mod are the few maps (who really all are perfect!!!). I played the maps nearly 20 times all, and i think in a far future they might become booring, so why dont we push all the good mappers out there to create other awesome maps and perhaps a second campaign?

    at the moment i m creating a map too, but because i want to make a real good work, i think the release will be in 2-3 weeks...

    cu in game

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    I'd love to see something come of this...
    if I didnt have my head up my own ass and had the time I would be contributing something..
    times like this I wish you could port from quake to UT..
    I got a bunch of good maps for that..
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      Let the Ao-Box contest finish first to get people who haven't mapped before mapping. But yeah an official competition for the best custom map is a good idea, including the existing custom maps.


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        I like the idea of custom campaigns, but unfortunately Alien Swarm doesn't support them right now; only custom single missions are possible. Perhaps we could nudge the developers to include custom campaign support in a future patch
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          Well, technically, the AO-Box competition does allow for real maps. The time period just might be a little short.
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