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new custom campains?

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  • new custom campains?

    is there plans for a user freindly campain builder to be implemented? i got a few maps (3 atm) and i would like to release them as a 8 (when im done) part campain, whilst i suppose you could play em 1 by one its not the same

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    from what i understand this has been asked like 20 times, but ill be more than willing to try and help, because i new campaigns,.

    its my understanding that it may be added in the future, im not gonna say yay or nay thought because im not 100 percent sure.

    But keep on makeing it man, nice to see people working on it already, just wish i had some clue of how to make maps
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      BA should lock this up, and people should use search...

      Ye, new maps are allways wellcome...


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        look for the "archetonic" (spelling ) tutorials, nice n easy

        used search n didnt find anything, only a post on where to find new camapins

        my bad


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          Really a search wasn't necessary. You see that FAQ that is sticky at the top of the forum? If a question is frequently asked, you can bet it will be in the Frequently Asked Questions. Go on, have a gander right now.


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            *doh* *slaps head* :p

            " I will add support for this, if a (good quality) campaign is made "
            better make sure tis good then :p

            its 1 am here n no intention of sleeping 2nite (i blame caffene) will get the next map half done ( i work about a map every 8 hours, im very picky ), at sum point in the future (week or so) will need sum beta testers to tell me whats right/wrong working/broken

            i'll be back - i wear a jesters hat when mapping, no idea why, always have- and im no joking :p


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              Originally posted by {DB-Homicidal}
              i'll be back - i wear a jesters hat when mapping, no idea why, always have- and im no joking :p
              wayyyy more then i wanted to kno

              Wait a sec...I thought you said Crash always died O.o....I'm not dead yet