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The map exploit challenge

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  • The map exploit challenge

    Seems a lot of people disagreed with this thread, so I'm removing it. I purposefully didn't give any screenshots that showed the method, just screenshots to show it could be done. But I can see how it's bad to spread knowledge of the existence of map exploits.

    If a dev wants to know how any were done, PM me, Sohtaraz or Ninja, or anyone who went hunting for them.

    Happy non-exploitative gaming
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    Oh dear.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      lolz. poor devs.
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        I don't like threads like these.

        Lately the number of people using exploits has shot through the roof, such as the well-known bugs on Rescue. The newer players seem to have no problem making use of these cheats on a regular basis and, to me at least, it spoils the whole game. I don't want to win because we skipped past on an exploit, you know?

        Threads like these make cheating seem more acceptable, since it's a well-known member of our growing community starting the discussion. Good intentions or not, it just makes an already bad situation worse, in my opinion.

        Okay, I'm done being the wet blanket, I just wanted to get that out.


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          Originally posted by DeepQantas
          Oh dear.
          I second that.


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            mm, I agree Thalaxis. when forum vets like Carth start glorifying exploits, it's not a good sign.
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              Originally posted by [bulletproof]
              mm, I agree Thalaxis. when forum vets like Carth start glorifying exploits, it's not a good sign.
              Its good if theyr done on easy, as in to help other players (like bombing behemoth) or doing time attacks... But doing the whole map is just mean :/

              So, i now exploit only when playing <-4 ppl.


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                i wouldn't like if the exploits would get reguarily used, that destroys the whole level. Exploits are just funny things to find, but they shouldn't be used too much....
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                  Originally posted by [bulletproof]
                  mm, I agree Thalaxis. when forum vets like Carth start glorifying exploits, it's not a good sign.

                  Dalai has made a thread asking for bugs. It seems this is the right time to expose all the ones we know in order to get them fixed. Carth has discovered many of these, and he's making a big contribution towards getting them removed. Besides, he's not posting the method.

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                    Originally posted by Butters
                    Besides, he's not posting the method.
                    Yeah, what gives? Show us HOW you did it!

                    I'm personally very glad for these posts (aside from the afore mentioned omission) because the DEVs can use this information to plug these holes IF THEY SO DESIRE. If, in the next patch, they fail to address these glitches... well, then I guess that would just suck. But it really is quite cool to explore levels like this. I know, it's not the PROPER way of playing the game, but the current content really can only keep us busy for a few weeks. Then you start playing other games, or start playing the same game other ways.

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                      I cant help but think this is partly because of my 'what happened there O_o?' thread..
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                        Exploits i think are something to have fun with. Don't use it regularly but use it in moderation. If you get bored going through the same old same old way of going through a map then whip out ur exploit list and start screwing around . But don't do it too often otherwise it will get old real fast --;;...

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                          I will sell the research method for $20

                          I was in research for the 3:21 run, but it seems they did a much better run after I left... I wonder if they did find another spot.


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                            I can get on the walls in Observation. It's fairly useless, but possible.


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                              Well we unlocked uber mode me and carth beat it in 2:03, how do exploits get ixed ? by mass exposure, not that the yddint intend to fix them in the first place,

                              we have demos of it, if carth wants it posted hecan let me know and ill host it, but it was just me and him dicking around.

                              like i said before, exploits are exploits, they dont have to be used to win the maps, whenter you shoose to or not is up to you.

                              do i always use exploits ? no, but we have a fun time looking for them so all in all its not that bad. If noobs do the exploit up the difficulty, for example the exploit on uplink it worthless past normal pretty much

                              but either way im out night guys.
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