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  • The most serious bugs?

    I'm sure with all the online play going on, people have uncovered some nasty, game destroying bugs. Can you post details of the bugs you think most hinder/harm the game?

    DQ tells me there's a need for a kickban vote option, since the kicking isn't effective. I believe there are some other exploits/bugs in the vote system too?

    Let me know so we can get these patched up.

    Dalai, how's about we sticky this? Bit important, don't cha think?
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    I hope a kickban would be temporary (15 minutes does the trick), or make the kickvote do that short ban if you can.

    But the number one, most game-destroying bug is....

    The anime smilie doesn't show up on other people's screens in a MP game.


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      Originally posted by Salsa
      The anime smilie doesn't show up on other people's screens in a MP game.
      That might be a feature^^


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        The rescue double click on the elevator button (No spawn, and double fast) and the in the big room with the boxes, jump on the pipes and under the "balcany" and you can get from under there without triggering the big spawn...

        The Uplink "pipe" jump up where u get on the research... And the jump on the fence at the bridge where u can jump easely on to the stairs, or just the normal jump to the stairs from the end of the bridge, should be farther away...

        Salvage, can jump on the boxes at the end of map using the fireext. and a sentry... Some how some one managed to drop under the elevator after the 3rd mine.... Dont know how... It wasnt fun...
        Running on the southwall after the first door dosnt trigger one major spawn....

        Barracks, hacking the door in the PC room before the PC (It help too much)...

        The mapping bugs... They are too helpfull in high dificultys (Well not the Uplink bug...)

        You cant vote: Restart, force launch wich would be cool...

        Gameplay: Pistol damage should be cutted for every alien it hits with a single bullet (Ie. piercing 3 aliens and all get same damage, atleast same FF damage)
        Autogun tracks aliens behind players...
        Flamenades should burn from hard+ teammates, every one else but Explosive ppl...

        Thats about it.... When it comes to the "Big" ones what piss me off sometimes.... Map bugs are serius though...
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          yeah, you should get temporary banned if you get kick, like 10 minutes or something. Also, i think that if 75% or more of the players online in a mp game votes, the vote should be ended when the timeout occurs, if someone is away, the votes doesn't end all the time
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            I'll make a kick last until the next map.


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              Originally posted by Dalai
              I'll make a kick last until the next map.
              Hmm, can you make a vote thingie for the save+continue or restart? As in server options, so normal players cant swap it...


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                The other thing that would be nice is if the details of the current vote were displayed prominently on screen, so that people could see it. I know that the details are on the vote menu, but apparently people don't notice them very often, or miss the announcement for the vote. Maybe size 36 font in the middle of the screen would get their attention?
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                  just a map bug... but when your going UP on rescue on the elevator.. if you jump (close to the south wall) you die...
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                    Missed one. On Salvage at the pickup location it's possible for the map to swallow you whole if you try to use the radiation barrel to jump onto the big boxes. The barrel and the person on it will disappear instantly and be considered dead. I can show that one to anyone who's interested, although it's fairly useless to know other than spoiling the surprise when it first happens

                    I also have ways of getting into the "crawlspace" around the map in both Uplink and Observation. I will show these to someone responsible for fixing them, but not anybody else because the potential for immature players screwing around all day and wasting everyone else's time is huge. It could become an epidemic.

                    I'm not entirely sure that you can kill yourself with assault grenades either, not sure if this is intentional but it seems rather odd. They kill other players on contact (with the proper difficulty) but I have no clue if the indirect fire is lethal. Come to think of it, that sounds intentional but I'll leave it here just in case.

                    Feedback from switches would be nice whenever a door is supposed to open but cannot due to being welded shut or otherwise (like when some idiot welds the first doors shut in Observation). Some kind of damage bar on doors (both sealed and unsealed) would be nice, I always thought the sealed indicator bar should go down as it gets beat on which is why I mention it here.

                    Anyways, that's my stuff. I think some of the stuff like walking on the outside of the ledges and tightrope walking in Uplink should be left in, Uplink makes a great recreational area!
                    Let's try to keep a distinction between the Easter egg areas and the buggy/exploitable stuff.


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                      In Salvage you can hide by the yellow tractor where the medkit is (in the narrow hallway before the end) after hitting the button. No aliens will bother you and you simply wait until 10-15 seconds are left and then run for it.


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                        Originally posted by BrokenArts, the editor of Dalai's post
                        Dalai, how's about we sticky this? Bit important, don't cha think?
                        What makes you think so?

                        Anyway, im gona be AFK next week so i cant help with major bug hunts

                        Another bug...: I was playing Rescue with some newbish players, and some average ones (Bit bored, sorry, bit out of line, sorry, bit tired, sorry, very low on <-coffee thing->, sorry) and well, elevator came up (After glitch what opened the hatch in the middle of it) and i was standing outside of the ramp (Floating above the elevator) and Crash was under me... I killed him for some odd reason...


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                          Don't know if you're aware of this one, but if you have an ammo bag and drop 2 normal shotgun clips, then pick 1 up, it thinks you've picked 2 up. So you can repeat it ad nauseam. Because I use the shotgun so much, it makes it very unbalanced for me (infinite ammo and no reload ).


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                            Originally posted by Dalai
                            I'll make a kick last until the next map.
                            next map change or just next "proceed" or restart?
                            mogelbrod, the one formerly know as teh muppen!


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                              Falling through the elevator on Rescue. Way too annoying, exspecally when Willy is the one. Happened 2 times in a row on a server I was once on...
                              And BTW, why not make an exploit campain, and one without them? That way, if you wanted to play with them, you could. Just a little idea.
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