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  • about secondary weapon

    is your secondary weapon supposed ot have ammo at the start or not, and if it is supposed to have some how do you get some =X, mine is always empty

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    that seems to be a bug...i've noticed others concerned about that as mean like...if u take a rifle and a shotgun u dont have ammo for the shot gun right?...i've never personally experienced this but i've heard that others have...

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      I've heard of people loading up with 2 med + Pistol and having no ammo at all. But again like Taika I've never experienced this.
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        also, you can pickup pistol ammo without even having the pistol ><
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          I'd wager you're only using an activate button to switch. Using mousewheel for the first switch will get you going properly, unless you really and truly don't have any ammo at all, which would be a nice little new bug - as would your only weapon not having any ammo.


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            Originally posted by Mek
            ...But again like Taika I've never experienced this.
            I did come across NO AMMO when I try to solo in NORMAL/HARD in Salvage and solo in EASY in ReactorCore in one of the server (I think that server is mutated. I have killed 400+ aliens in RC before my Crash died...I was using melee for the last 50 aliens or so b/c of no ammo...)
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